Sunday, March 31, 2013

3 weeks until Peru

It's strange how fast my mission is coming. On the day I opened my call, I had 140 days to wait. I thought it would be pure torture to wait so long, but as I look back on that time, I realize I would not have been ready any earlier. God needed to give me this time to become a better person and prioritize my life in a way that would make me the best missionary possible. My testimony and understanding of the gospel have grown so much this past month. I'm so grateful for the temple and the peace and protection it provides.

So many things are happening in the next couple months.

April 9th: * Nephew's 2nd Birthday 
                * Dad's 2nd anniversary with new wife (yes, he was born on their wedding day.)

April 13th: Best Friend is getting married to her sweetheart. First time ever being a bridesmaid!

April 18th: Amy's Dance concert. The last time i'll see her dance for 18 months... bittersweet.

April 20th: Baby sister gets baptized! She asked me to give one of the talks. Good preparation for the next day

April 21st: My Farewell talk in church. 

April 24th: Fly to the Peru MTC!!! 

April 26th: Mom is getting remarried 

May 1st: Amy (sister) 18th Birthday

Mayish: Mom moves to Nevada

June: Amy GRADUATES from high school

As sad as I am to be missing so much of my family growing up, I know God will take care of all of us and bless us more than we can comprehend at the moment. 

24 days until the hardest, most exhausting, and INCREDIBLE 18 months of my life.

I cannot wait to share the happiness of the Atonement with the people of Peru.

Love, (almost) Hermana Allred

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Unknown said...

Unbelievably proud of you!