Monday, June 30, 2014

Because I´m happy

1-- and she´s clean! she had to do it twice cuz she had a bracelet on... i didn´t know that was a thing, but she got baptized twice.

2-- eating fruit goo for the 14th time in a row for dinner. I´m so happy we´re not eating with our dinner pension anymore. (mazamorra is the name of the fruit goo. it´s the worst.)

I am an incredible amount of happy this week. for many many reasons.

1-- Emily was baptized. It was the least stressful baptism of my mission. Even though they showed up an hour late(normal) and the speakers didn´t show up. A family is coming back to church! An entire family. It all started with Martin´s example. he is sharing the gospel again, and got to baptize his daughter.... He has a store on the corner, and we noticed that he stopped selling beer. He switched out his crystal beer table for a coca cola one. I can´t express all my love for this family. It´s just too full. His wife FINALLY came to church. We just met her this week. We are having a family night with them tonight.

2-- We found VANESSA!!! Remember her? Wel, we were supposed to go see another lady that lives in her house, but it was late and they live in the sketchy part of town, so we almost didn´t go. then hna. purse said "remember how you said that when we don´t want to do something, it means a miracle is about to happen? well, maybe we should go. Vanessa might be there." So we went, and she was there. and she is looking for answers. She wants it more this time. Time is what she needed. Good things will come, I know it. 

3-- My Bday package got here from down under. and it was perfect. I have the best friend in the world. 

4-- We have been SO sick ever since we got to Puno, largely due to our Breakfast/Dinner pension. (we have a different pension for lunch, and she is amazing). We decided to make our own food instead. MAC AND CHEESE! and real food, not just bread, hot chocolate, and fruit goo. 

5-- I feel like, as of late, I have been working more effectively because I am more focused. I had a lot of things distracting me back home, but I´ve mentally, and literally, cut myself off from those things, and things are going so much better. School, work, and the future can wait 4 more months. 

6-- I went to a dance concert. our stake YSA put it on, and it was so fun. I miss dancing so much and never want to give it up again. They were dances from all over the world. The bolivian ones were my favorite. 

7-- We are primary teachers for the 8-11 year olds. They are so reverent. It´s a joke really, that we´re teaching them. We´re in the Old Testament. Joshua and Gideon to be exact......... I had no idea who they were before we taught those lessons. We studied, but when we got in the lesson I was like "sooo... Gideon. He was a prophet. and he had an army who drank water out of a river. and then there were 300..... who wants to play simon(GIdeon) says??? (for 20 minutes)" YEah... I need to study the Old Testament more. 

8-- random 

my back has been hurting a lot. i miss the chiropractor. this is a conversation that happened.

me-- I need to marry a chiropractor.
hna. purse-- I need to marry a glassblower
me-- haha whaT? why? 
hna. purse-- have you ever seen blown glass? it´s so cool.

walking down a creepy street at night with lots of drunk guys.

me-- we look ugly on purpose. it´s a safety precaution. 

It´s been such a good week and I feel really good about these last months. I LOVE being here.  

1-- playing piano in the pension
2-- a lady in our ward who might have cancer. I love her... 
3-- dance concert
4-- Emily and Martin

1-- all the fam. all WERE less actives, but are coming back to church. 
2-- happiness. 
3-- waiting to go in. it was FREEZING that day. my lips almost fell off. 
4-- going in. I love this picture. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

I love to see the temple

first of all, I accidentally put the temple picture with me in it... so um. yeah. ignore the description.

I was in lima from wednesday to saturday, so not lots of working stories. 
I went to the temple. Can we just pause a moment.... All my prayers from the last year were finally answered. I am now almost a temporary resident in Peru, and I got to go to the temple. The new video was amazing. I literally cried when they told us they weren´t going to take us (they just didn´t want to drive us) but we fought for it. We were not about to leave Lima without going to the temple. I got so many answers there and I feel like I can fight more effectively these last 4 months. 

go to the temple. every. week. 

I just am so full of happy and eternal perspective this week. I can´t even express it.

As for Emily and her dad, everything is going so well. Martin had an interview with the bishop, and for the first time in 14 years, he is worthy to take the sacrament and baptize his daughter. He came back full force, and the bishop is getting him a calling, and we´re going to get him to get his recommend back. Then, activate his wife who works far away, and get them sealed for time and all eternity. Do you understand what is happening here??? We are participating actively in the saving of an entire family. The Lord is guiding us and we are seeing miracles. Even though everyone else disappeared, the ones who were ready, stayed. And they will be active for the rest of their lives. BECAUSE THE TEMPLE CONVERTS PEOPLE! I can´t stress enough the importance of going to the temple and always having a recommend. I love it so much. 

I ate mac and cheese and papa johns in the same week, so I´m happy. 

also, Emily passed her interview and will be baptized this saturday. 

i´m all sorts of happy.

Love, HErmana Allred

1-- Hna. Wahlen and I in the airport. I was her sister leader before I got transferred. 

2-- The lima beach out the car window. 

3-- TEMPLE EVERYONE! I went inside :) 

4-- papa John´s and that face... haha. 

1-- papa johns with our travel group

2-- I took pictures with me in it, but well... I looked terrible, so they´re staying on the camera. 

3-- those are clouds, not water. Lima skies (from above) are beautiful.

Monday, June 16, 2014

it was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Well, I just passed my 2nd birthday in the mission. I am 21 years old... get out of town! Do I really get the landscape drivers license now? and I can... wait. no. I can`t rent a car yet.

We just worked like normal, then went to lunch with our pension (soooo good.) and then got really sick after. so that was the rest of the weekend. haha.

most of our investigators have dropped off the face of the earth. Mostly, they just moved without saying anything. hardly anyone in our sector owns their houses, so they move quite often. A year ago, that would have frustrated me and hindered my efectiveness, but I get that sometimes it`s out of our control. We have done everything we could have to help these people, and if they don`t want it, that isn`t our fault. I will keep trying my hardest to help people as long as they let me. Jesus take the wheel...

Emily still has a baptismal date for the 28th. she is so excited and her dad (who is now an active member) is going to baptize her. he is so happy. so are we. 

Kids are so funny here. Brittany told me to tell her what some of them say. this happened after watching The Living Scriptures cartoon about the brass plates. luz is 7 and her little brother is 5. 

Luz-- "Laban is just SO fat. hahahha." 

we made the little boy take out ironman so we could have family night, and he threw a fit, so after, we put it back in for him. this is what happened next...

me-- "luz, do you like ironman?"
luz-- "kinda."
me-- "what do you like more?"
luz-- "God... God cartoons."

i just smiled and hugged her. she is an adorable child.

then sunday in primary, I watched a 1 year old girl run out of sacrament meeting with her stuffed animal screaming "PRIMARY PRIMARY PRIMARYYYYYYYY!!!!!" I swear, if everyone were that excited about going to church, the world would be a much better place. she looked like Boo on monsters inc. 

so, we got really sick from something we ate, and SNAP our stomachs hate us. I mean, that`s not a surprise seeing as how we eat such strange food every day, but really... it`s worse this time. One day, I will just feel good and healthy all the time. oh how I wait for that day. 

we`re using our landlord`s computer and my comp is watching the joseph smith movie next to me... joseph and emma are falling in love as we speak. haha. COUPLES ARE THE WORST!!! for real. 

I`m going to lima again on wednesday, and I`m almost positive I get to go to the temple. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I have my recommend all ready to go. I`m so happy. Nothing makes me happier than going to the temple. 

i`m still sick, so i`m going to pass out until district meeting. 

love you all! thank you for the birthday wishes. 

1-- waiting for the awkward couple to move so I could get a picture. mission fact: couples are the worst. always.
2-- my comp and I. mint chocolate chip ice cream.
3-- I hate closeups. kirstie hung out with us on pday. I sure do love that sassy girl. it was nice to see a little piece of home.

1-- important news... we found BLUE BOX MAC AND CHEESE!!!! We were going to go back to get more today, but well.. we`re kinda sick, so next week, mac and cheese is about to get bought out of the store. 
2-- we made it in our hot water boiler. it`s meant for drinks, but when you american mac and cheese in your hands, you cannot wait for a kitchen. it tasted like heaven. 

3-- scripture cases for my english scriptures. they are my favorite thing i own. go to their facebook page if you want to order some. they`re super cheap. search "monay art puno"

4-- leather binding. i`m surprised they didn`t mess up the english. 

1-- "If you were on a desert island and you could have 3 things, what would it be?" Texas roadhouse, taco bell, kneaders. the american cravings are getting real. 

2-- birthday morning. I have a great comp. 

3-- my pensionista took me out for lunch on my birthday to a super nice restaurant here. don`t remember the name, but it was right by the lake. 

4-- the fam. 

1&2-- SHADOWPUPPETS on a sugar high. it`s a t rex. do you see it???? of course you do. I`m  an expert shadow puppeteer. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

resfriado y humillado

A little kid coughed on my pizza, and I ate it anyway. I have been here far too long... Needless to say, I got sick. I thought I was fine yesterday, so I went out and worked anyway, but this morning was another story. stupid nose/throat/head. I´ve been whining too much, so I´ll leave it at that.
I turn 21 on Saturday. that´s weird. Happy birthday... 

This week has been really weird. People who were progressing randomly went out of town and might not come back. God is testing my patience. 

My american food cravings have been going through the roof. Some of the things I´m craving most are: Dorito taco supremes, stuffing, sour cream, velveeta with bacon bits or bread crumbs, pesto, steak, 7up instead of sprite, vegetables that aren´t soaked in vinegar, and MEXICAN FOOD. did you even think I would say I miss mexican food? well, I do. and It´s going to be a craving until I land in the Georgia airport in October. 1st stop, taco bell.

Peruvians tend to have odd remedies for sicknesses. This week I have heard:
1-- "drink hot coca cola"
2-- "drink hot celery water"
3-- "I conveniently have some shots I can just shoot into your bum cheek in the living room that will cure that common cold you have there." just.... no. 

also, strange reasons why people believe I´m sick
1-- you ate ice cream
2-- your space heater. when you leave the warmth to the cold, you get sick... no. pretty sure if I sleep in the cold, I get sick.
3-- cuz It´s cold. (this is the excuse for EVERYTHING
4-- You didn´t wear a scarf one day. 

pretty sure it´s the kid coughing in my food, but okay. I´ll stop using my space heater and see if it works. haha. 

Well, I´m hoping this weird week of patience testing turns into a better one this week. 

love, Hermana Allred

1--  Jehova´s witnesses knocking doors in our neighborhood. I actually wanted them to knock our door so I could ask them questions about what they believe. I´ve always been curious. (in a nice way, of course) 

2-- Kirstie Stanger came to Peru for BYU and happened to roll through Puno for a couple days and came to our ward. WE´re meeting in the Plaza today to say goodbye. (she was on Dance Team with me at Mountain View) 

1-- all of us on a plane. weirdest feeling ever. felt like we were going home for a minute. 

2-- view of Lima (shout out to Nessa´s family!)

Monday, June 2, 2014

My camera has been dead all week, so there aren´t many pictures. Luckily hna. Hunter has a universal charger.

This has been one of my very favorite weeks. Our ward is so great. They always want to give us references and come with us to appointments. They haven´t had sisters in like 30 years, and NEVER north american sisters, so they really are excited to have us here (a nice change from cusco... our bishop hated us.) 

unfortunately Vanessa has kind of dropped off the map. her parents are very against us teaching her, and we dont´want to cause problems. plus, she never has time anymore for some reason. but it´s okay, because one day, it will be her time. for other missionaries... but it´s okay. 

man.. so many miracles to be told, and so little time. 

first, Martin. We were going through a neighborhood on the ward list, knocking all the members doors, and we found him. He served a mission about 25 years ago, and even was Zone Leader or something, but has been inactive for 14 years. he didn´t tell us that... we thought he was active. we just got here, so everything is new to us. We started teaching his 16 year old daughter Emily, who is so sweet, and has been converted by the mormon channel on Youtube. I love technology. She was watching videos and crying, then told her dad she wanted to listen to the missionaries. Miracle. She will be baptized soon, I´m so sure. This sunday, they both came to church (first time in 14 years) and after, the ward mission leader said "how did you get him to come to church? The missionaries and members have been going by for years trying to get him to come, but he wasn´t having it..." Honestly, we don´t know. We just taught him (I don´t remember what exactly) and talked about his mission and all his experiences there. He felt the spirit, we did too, and he came to church. I have a feeling he´s here for good. So is his daughter.

Then, Sol. Wow... she is a catholic who hasn´t read the bible, but believes in Saints and the Virgin of Copacabana. Her best friend is in our ward, and leaves on her mission to Mexico (city of Juarez) next week. Another golden reference from a member. I love this ward. Our first lesson, she asked why nephi killed laban in 1 Nephi. Which turned into one of my all time favorite lessons I´ve ever taught. I taught about the scriptures and that their family needed the plates to be able to follow the commandments. Just, man... the spirit teaches such good lessons when we let him. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. We left happy.

Then, we went back to teach the restoration. when we got to the first vision, she just stared at us and with watery eyes said "I am starting to doubt my religion. that is incredible." She is praying and reading, and this sunday (fingers crossed and lots of prayers) she will come to church. Her only doubt is that she doesn´t want to give up the Virgin of Copacabana. This next lesson will be entirely focused on Faith in JESUS CHRIST, not any other person or object. so many scriptures support it. it´s just.. duh. All our lessons with her are 100% guided by the spirit. I love her. 

Dionisio. he has been taught by so many elders, but never responded well. His wife and kids are all members, but he never wanted to come to church or read the book of mormon. This week, he came to church in a shirt and tie. He escaped after sacrament meeting, but I know he is ready, and that he will be baptized. maybe not with me, but he will. I know it. 

Angela got baptized 14 years ago, but went to church a few times, then went inactive. We were just going through the ward list again, and found her. She said missionaries have never visited her since her baptism. she is going through a lot right now, and we are going to help her. she didn´t come this week, but she will come back.

man... there are like 3 other really great people we´re teaching, but I don´t have time to write about it. Please pray for Angela, Dionisio, Sol, Emily, Sarela, and Martin. 

A funny thing that happened this week, we contacted a lady who has a REALLY fat dog. like... the fattest dog you´ve ever seen. I asked if it was pregnant, and she said no. I asked if it had just had babies, and she said no... "when´s that BABY due?" haha. brian regan moment. We went back a couple days later, and she was sad and told us her dog was run over by a car and broke its arm. The doctor who operated on it said her dog was way too fat and needed to lose weight. haha... first it gets run over by a car, and now she has to go on a diet. I don´t know why I think it´s so funny, but seriously... fattest dog alive. 

this week was full of happy moments and miracles. I´m full of peace knowing that I´m doing everything I should be doing. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that. This ward is going to change. We went from 68 in sacrament meeting to 96 in just 3 weeks. It´s only going to keep going up. just wait. 

Love, Hermana Allred

1-- easter unicorn and my conference liahona... FINALLY
2-- unicorn checkin out the view from our patio
3-- colorado, utah, california... I´m a midget compared to them.
4-- there is an odd kid named "charlie" who lives downstairs... he tries to talk to us in english, and it bother us. also, he plays coldplay and serenades us on his pan flute while we are planning at night. He isn´t allowed to come upstairs, but apparently his underwear is.... it´s the worst.