Monday, June 2, 2014

My camera has been dead all week, so there aren´t many pictures. Luckily hna. Hunter has a universal charger.

This has been one of my very favorite weeks. Our ward is so great. They always want to give us references and come with us to appointments. They haven´t had sisters in like 30 years, and NEVER north american sisters, so they really are excited to have us here (a nice change from cusco... our bishop hated us.) 

unfortunately Vanessa has kind of dropped off the map. her parents are very against us teaching her, and we dont´want to cause problems. plus, she never has time anymore for some reason. but it´s okay, because one day, it will be her time. for other missionaries... but it´s okay. 

man.. so many miracles to be told, and so little time. 

first, Martin. We were going through a neighborhood on the ward list, knocking all the members doors, and we found him. He served a mission about 25 years ago, and even was Zone Leader or something, but has been inactive for 14 years. he didn´t tell us that... we thought he was active. we just got here, so everything is new to us. We started teaching his 16 year old daughter Emily, who is so sweet, and has been converted by the mormon channel on Youtube. I love technology. She was watching videos and crying, then told her dad she wanted to listen to the missionaries. Miracle. She will be baptized soon, I´m so sure. This sunday, they both came to church (first time in 14 years) and after, the ward mission leader said "how did you get him to come to church? The missionaries and members have been going by for years trying to get him to come, but he wasn´t having it..." Honestly, we don´t know. We just taught him (I don´t remember what exactly) and talked about his mission and all his experiences there. He felt the spirit, we did too, and he came to church. I have a feeling he´s here for good. So is his daughter.

Then, Sol. Wow... she is a catholic who hasn´t read the bible, but believes in Saints and the Virgin of Copacabana. Her best friend is in our ward, and leaves on her mission to Mexico (city of Juarez) next week. Another golden reference from a member. I love this ward. Our first lesson, she asked why nephi killed laban in 1 Nephi. Which turned into one of my all time favorite lessons I´ve ever taught. I taught about the scriptures and that their family needed the plates to be able to follow the commandments. Just, man... the spirit teaches such good lessons when we let him. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. We left happy.

Then, we went back to teach the restoration. when we got to the first vision, she just stared at us and with watery eyes said "I am starting to doubt my religion. that is incredible." She is praying and reading, and this sunday (fingers crossed and lots of prayers) she will come to church. Her only doubt is that she doesn´t want to give up the Virgin of Copacabana. This next lesson will be entirely focused on Faith in JESUS CHRIST, not any other person or object. so many scriptures support it. it´s just.. duh. All our lessons with her are 100% guided by the spirit. I love her. 

Dionisio. he has been taught by so many elders, but never responded well. His wife and kids are all members, but he never wanted to come to church or read the book of mormon. This week, he came to church in a shirt and tie. He escaped after sacrament meeting, but I know he is ready, and that he will be baptized. maybe not with me, but he will. I know it. 

Angela got baptized 14 years ago, but went to church a few times, then went inactive. We were just going through the ward list again, and found her. She said missionaries have never visited her since her baptism. she is going through a lot right now, and we are going to help her. she didn´t come this week, but she will come back.

man... there are like 3 other really great people we´re teaching, but I don´t have time to write about it. Please pray for Angela, Dionisio, Sol, Emily, Sarela, and Martin. 

A funny thing that happened this week, we contacted a lady who has a REALLY fat dog. like... the fattest dog you´ve ever seen. I asked if it was pregnant, and she said no. I asked if it had just had babies, and she said no... "when´s that BABY due?" haha. brian regan moment. We went back a couple days later, and she was sad and told us her dog was run over by a car and broke its arm. The doctor who operated on it said her dog was way too fat and needed to lose weight. haha... first it gets run over by a car, and now she has to go on a diet. I don´t know why I think it´s so funny, but seriously... fattest dog alive. 

this week was full of happy moments and miracles. I´m full of peace knowing that I´m doing everything I should be doing. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that. This ward is going to change. We went from 68 in sacrament meeting to 96 in just 3 weeks. It´s only going to keep going up. just wait. 

Love, Hermana Allred

1-- easter unicorn and my conference liahona... FINALLY
2-- unicorn checkin out the view from our patio
3-- colorado, utah, california... I´m a midget compared to them.
4-- there is an odd kid named "charlie" who lives downstairs... he tries to talk to us in english, and it bother us. also, he plays coldplay and serenades us on his pan flute while we are planning at night. He isn´t allowed to come upstairs, but apparently his underwear is.... it´s the worst. 

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