Monday, June 16, 2014

it was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Well, I just passed my 2nd birthday in the mission. I am 21 years old... get out of town! Do I really get the landscape drivers license now? and I can... wait. no. I can`t rent a car yet.

We just worked like normal, then went to lunch with our pension (soooo good.) and then got really sick after. so that was the rest of the weekend. haha.

most of our investigators have dropped off the face of the earth. Mostly, they just moved without saying anything. hardly anyone in our sector owns their houses, so they move quite often. A year ago, that would have frustrated me and hindered my efectiveness, but I get that sometimes it`s out of our control. We have done everything we could have to help these people, and if they don`t want it, that isn`t our fault. I will keep trying my hardest to help people as long as they let me. Jesus take the wheel...

Emily still has a baptismal date for the 28th. she is so excited and her dad (who is now an active member) is going to baptize her. he is so happy. so are we. 

Kids are so funny here. Brittany told me to tell her what some of them say. this happened after watching The Living Scriptures cartoon about the brass plates. luz is 7 and her little brother is 5. 

Luz-- "Laban is just SO fat. hahahha." 

we made the little boy take out ironman so we could have family night, and he threw a fit, so after, we put it back in for him. this is what happened next...

me-- "luz, do you like ironman?"
luz-- "kinda."
me-- "what do you like more?"
luz-- "God... God cartoons."

i just smiled and hugged her. she is an adorable child.

then sunday in primary, I watched a 1 year old girl run out of sacrament meeting with her stuffed animal screaming "PRIMARY PRIMARY PRIMARYYYYYYYY!!!!!" I swear, if everyone were that excited about going to church, the world would be a much better place. she looked like Boo on monsters inc. 

so, we got really sick from something we ate, and SNAP our stomachs hate us. I mean, that`s not a surprise seeing as how we eat such strange food every day, but really... it`s worse this time. One day, I will just feel good and healthy all the time. oh how I wait for that day. 

we`re using our landlord`s computer and my comp is watching the joseph smith movie next to me... joseph and emma are falling in love as we speak. haha. COUPLES ARE THE WORST!!! for real. 

I`m going to lima again on wednesday, and I`m almost positive I get to go to the temple. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I have my recommend all ready to go. I`m so happy. Nothing makes me happier than going to the temple. 

i`m still sick, so i`m going to pass out until district meeting. 

love you all! thank you for the birthday wishes. 

1-- waiting for the awkward couple to move so I could get a picture. mission fact: couples are the worst. always.
2-- my comp and I. mint chocolate chip ice cream.
3-- I hate closeups. kirstie hung out with us on pday. I sure do love that sassy girl. it was nice to see a little piece of home.

1-- important news... we found BLUE BOX MAC AND CHEESE!!!! We were going to go back to get more today, but well.. we`re kinda sick, so next week, mac and cheese is about to get bought out of the store. 
2-- we made it in our hot water boiler. it`s meant for drinks, but when you american mac and cheese in your hands, you cannot wait for a kitchen. it tasted like heaven. 

3-- scripture cases for my english scriptures. they are my favorite thing i own. go to their facebook page if you want to order some. they`re super cheap. search "monay art puno"

4-- leather binding. i`m surprised they didn`t mess up the english. 

1-- "If you were on a desert island and you could have 3 things, what would it be?" Texas roadhouse, taco bell, kneaders. the american cravings are getting real. 

2-- birthday morning. I have a great comp. 

3-- my pensionista took me out for lunch on my birthday to a super nice restaurant here. don`t remember the name, but it was right by the lake. 

4-- the fam. 

1&2-- SHADOWPUPPETS on a sugar high. it`s a t rex. do you see it???? of course you do. I`m  an expert shadow puppeteer. 

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