Monday, June 23, 2014

I love to see the temple

first of all, I accidentally put the temple picture with me in it... so um. yeah. ignore the description.

I was in lima from wednesday to saturday, so not lots of working stories. 
I went to the temple. Can we just pause a moment.... All my prayers from the last year were finally answered. I am now almost a temporary resident in Peru, and I got to go to the temple. The new video was amazing. I literally cried when they told us they weren´t going to take us (they just didn´t want to drive us) but we fought for it. We were not about to leave Lima without going to the temple. I got so many answers there and I feel like I can fight more effectively these last 4 months. 

go to the temple. every. week. 

I just am so full of happy and eternal perspective this week. I can´t even express it.

As for Emily and her dad, everything is going so well. Martin had an interview with the bishop, and for the first time in 14 years, he is worthy to take the sacrament and baptize his daughter. He came back full force, and the bishop is getting him a calling, and we´re going to get him to get his recommend back. Then, activate his wife who works far away, and get them sealed for time and all eternity. Do you understand what is happening here??? We are participating actively in the saving of an entire family. The Lord is guiding us and we are seeing miracles. Even though everyone else disappeared, the ones who were ready, stayed. And they will be active for the rest of their lives. BECAUSE THE TEMPLE CONVERTS PEOPLE! I can´t stress enough the importance of going to the temple and always having a recommend. I love it so much. 

I ate mac and cheese and papa johns in the same week, so I´m happy. 

also, Emily passed her interview and will be baptized this saturday. 

i´m all sorts of happy.

Love, HErmana Allred

1-- Hna. Wahlen and I in the airport. I was her sister leader before I got transferred. 

2-- The lima beach out the car window. 

3-- TEMPLE EVERYONE! I went inside :) 

4-- papa John´s and that face... haha. 

1-- papa johns with our travel group

2-- I took pictures with me in it, but well... I looked terrible, so they´re staying on the camera. 

3-- those are clouds, not water. Lima skies (from above) are beautiful.

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