Monday, June 30, 2014

Because I´m happy

1-- and she´s clean! she had to do it twice cuz she had a bracelet on... i didn´t know that was a thing, but she got baptized twice.

2-- eating fruit goo for the 14th time in a row for dinner. I´m so happy we´re not eating with our dinner pension anymore. (mazamorra is the name of the fruit goo. it´s the worst.)

I am an incredible amount of happy this week. for many many reasons.

1-- Emily was baptized. It was the least stressful baptism of my mission. Even though they showed up an hour late(normal) and the speakers didn´t show up. A family is coming back to church! An entire family. It all started with Martin´s example. he is sharing the gospel again, and got to baptize his daughter.... He has a store on the corner, and we noticed that he stopped selling beer. He switched out his crystal beer table for a coca cola one. I can´t express all my love for this family. It´s just too full. His wife FINALLY came to church. We just met her this week. We are having a family night with them tonight.

2-- We found VANESSA!!! Remember her? Wel, we were supposed to go see another lady that lives in her house, but it was late and they live in the sketchy part of town, so we almost didn´t go. then hna. purse said "remember how you said that when we don´t want to do something, it means a miracle is about to happen? well, maybe we should go. Vanessa might be there." So we went, and she was there. and she is looking for answers. She wants it more this time. Time is what she needed. Good things will come, I know it. 

3-- My Bday package got here from down under. and it was perfect. I have the best friend in the world. 

4-- We have been SO sick ever since we got to Puno, largely due to our Breakfast/Dinner pension. (we have a different pension for lunch, and she is amazing). We decided to make our own food instead. MAC AND CHEESE! and real food, not just bread, hot chocolate, and fruit goo. 

5-- I feel like, as of late, I have been working more effectively because I am more focused. I had a lot of things distracting me back home, but I´ve mentally, and literally, cut myself off from those things, and things are going so much better. School, work, and the future can wait 4 more months. 

6-- I went to a dance concert. our stake YSA put it on, and it was so fun. I miss dancing so much and never want to give it up again. They were dances from all over the world. The bolivian ones were my favorite. 

7-- We are primary teachers for the 8-11 year olds. They are so reverent. It´s a joke really, that we´re teaching them. We´re in the Old Testament. Joshua and Gideon to be exact......... I had no idea who they were before we taught those lessons. We studied, but when we got in the lesson I was like "sooo... Gideon. He was a prophet. and he had an army who drank water out of a river. and then there were 300..... who wants to play simon(GIdeon) says??? (for 20 minutes)" YEah... I need to study the Old Testament more. 

8-- random 

my back has been hurting a lot. i miss the chiropractor. this is a conversation that happened.

me-- I need to marry a chiropractor.
hna. purse-- I need to marry a glassblower
me-- haha whaT? why? 
hna. purse-- have you ever seen blown glass? it´s so cool.

walking down a creepy street at night with lots of drunk guys.

me-- we look ugly on purpose. it´s a safety precaution. 

It´s been such a good week and I feel really good about these last months. I LOVE being here.  

1-- playing piano in the pension
2-- a lady in our ward who might have cancer. I love her... 
3-- dance concert
4-- Emily and Martin

1-- all the fam. all WERE less actives, but are coming back to church. 
2-- happiness. 
3-- waiting to go in. it was FREEZING that day. my lips almost fell off. 
4-- going in. I love this picture. 

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