Monday, June 9, 2014

resfriado y humillado

A little kid coughed on my pizza, and I ate it anyway. I have been here far too long... Needless to say, I got sick. I thought I was fine yesterday, so I went out and worked anyway, but this morning was another story. stupid nose/throat/head. I´ve been whining too much, so I´ll leave it at that.
I turn 21 on Saturday. that´s weird. Happy birthday... 

This week has been really weird. People who were progressing randomly went out of town and might not come back. God is testing my patience. 

My american food cravings have been going through the roof. Some of the things I´m craving most are: Dorito taco supremes, stuffing, sour cream, velveeta with bacon bits or bread crumbs, pesto, steak, 7up instead of sprite, vegetables that aren´t soaked in vinegar, and MEXICAN FOOD. did you even think I would say I miss mexican food? well, I do. and It´s going to be a craving until I land in the Georgia airport in October. 1st stop, taco bell.

Peruvians tend to have odd remedies for sicknesses. This week I have heard:
1-- "drink hot coca cola"
2-- "drink hot celery water"
3-- "I conveniently have some shots I can just shoot into your bum cheek in the living room that will cure that common cold you have there." just.... no. 

also, strange reasons why people believe I´m sick
1-- you ate ice cream
2-- your space heater. when you leave the warmth to the cold, you get sick... no. pretty sure if I sleep in the cold, I get sick.
3-- cuz It´s cold. (this is the excuse for EVERYTHING
4-- You didn´t wear a scarf one day. 

pretty sure it´s the kid coughing in my food, but okay. I´ll stop using my space heater and see if it works. haha. 

Well, I´m hoping this weird week of patience testing turns into a better one this week. 

love, Hermana Allred

1--  Jehova´s witnesses knocking doors in our neighborhood. I actually wanted them to knock our door so I could ask them questions about what they believe. I´ve always been curious. (in a nice way, of course) 

2-- Kirstie Stanger came to Peru for BYU and happened to roll through Puno for a couple days and came to our ward. WE´re meeting in the Plaza today to say goodbye. (she was on Dance Team with me at Mountain View) 

1-- all of us on a plane. weirdest feeling ever. felt like we were going home for a minute. 

2-- view of Lima (shout out to Nessa´s family!)

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