Monday, July 7, 2014

one day, I´ll be healthy again

Well, seres amados, once again, I´m sick.  but this time it was worse. way worse. I KNOW it wasn´t food this time, so I´m sure one of the adorable snot nosed kids gave me a bug. If they weren´t so adorable, I´d probably be more upset haha. While I was in the "I want to die" stage, a few thoughts rolled through my head like, "what if it´s a tapeworm!?" or "do you think if it´s something bad they would send me home??? NOOOOOOOOOO!!"
good news. it´s not that bad. I´m just dramatic, and assume the worst right away. I´m mostly okay now. I refuse to go to the doctor´s here, because they ALWAYS say "oh, you´re just stressed. take this pill and you´ll be fine." um... no, I´m pretty sure this is some kind of disease, so do something other than look in my ear and take my heartbeat, and diagnose me! 

ahem. anyways... 

Not much happened this week due to said sickness. The elders gave me a blessing, which is always my favorite. especially in spanish. The priesthood is so cool.

I slipped on some gravel and got a nasty cut, which also turned into a giant bruise. 

annndd that´s about it. hopefully more exciting news next week. 

love, herman a allred

1-- borrowed guitar playing in the pension
2-- Emily´s kitten fell asleep in my lap during the lesson. I still hate cats. but kittens are adorable.
3-- Denise´s baptism
4-- I got really sick.

1-- Juliaca, Bella Vista, and Puno Central hermanas. It was so fun to see everyone again.
2-- las locas back together. Two of my very favorite people. 
3-- this is what happens when we make our own dinners
4-- in our bathroom, we don´t have curtains. so the landlord put paper over the window. But it had a really good view of lake titicaca, so I ripped a hole in it. then hna. purse put toilet paper over it so we don´t have any peeping toms creeping on us. 

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