Wednesday, July 23, 2014

soooo I went to lima, for visa stuff again, and I just barely got back to cusco, so I will be writing my real email tomorrow sometime :) love you all.

This week was nuts again. I don`t remember what happened before Saturday. We went to Juli to have our multi Zone conference by Lake Titicaca. It was freezing, but one of the most memorable days of my mission. We made different stops by the beach, and they were teaching about Jesus`s life. It felt like we were by the sea of Galilee and were walking where Jesus walked. It was really incredible. As always, Hna. Harbertson gave an amazing talk. I respect her so much.
We went to Lima for the last time, and I am now a legal resident. WHOOO! But... I lost the ID while I was going through the airport. good news is, the mission secrectary wasn`t even mad at me. I`m still legal. We didn`t get to go to the temple this time, which was a bummer, but it was fun to be In Ttio for a little bit to talk to Hna. Llacsa. 

I am really enjoying the work. I love my companion, and it`s incredible to see what can happen by just saying sorry and forgetting about harsh words that were said in the past. I am learning more every single day. 

Transfers are on Tuesday, and I`ll know if I`m staying or not on Monday. I`ll work hard no matter where I am. In Puno, Puerto, or Quillabamba, no matter what, I`ll give my all until the very last day. I know I`m not perfect, but I`m trying to be better every day, and I like what I`m becoming. This Gospel is everything to me. I wouldn`t change a thing about my mission.

I love you all.

Hermana Allred  

1-- President and his wife. I love them.
2-- trying to keep warm on the snowy cliff by lake titicaca
3-- again
4-- first good jumping picture in my life. 

1-- Row row row your boat gently down the beach
2-- classic boat pic
3-- Hermana Harbertson and I... and some chicken sandwiches.
4-- Rass mi Bassmussen. Oh how I love her. 

1-- we are the dancers
2-- our cute lil district
3-- all the hermanas in our zone. it grows every transfer
4-- my long lost roommate hna. Llacsa. LOVE HER and loved talking to her in our old house. 

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