Monday, July 28, 2014

Won´t ya come on up to Blue Mountain?

So it´s transfer day, and guess who´s staying in Victoria. ME! I am so excited. And guess who is my companion? HERMANA LLACSA!!! do you all understand what that means? I am going to be able to perfect my spanish, and I will be laughing non stop AND we are going to destroy this sector with the gospel. She knows how to contact, and I´m so excited about that. It´s my first time being a normal missionary. I´m not being trained, training, and I´m not a sister leader... I can just WORK and enjoy it.
Hna. Llacsa is from Lima, and we lived in Ttio together while I was a Sister Leader. She is one of my all time favorite people in the mission, and I was just barely saying before we found out about transfers "I would LOVE to be with Hna. Llacsa." and look. There you have it. She has always wanted a white companion, and I´m her first one :) I can tell a lot of mischief will be had in Puno in the next 3 months. 

This week was full of happy, and difficult moments. We were having a hard day, and  walking aimlessly through the streets, and all of a sudden, this lady asks me to take a picture with her daughter (we get that a lot when we´re white. it´s a way to trick us into giving them money.) She has cancer, along with her sister, and she asked us to give her money. I don´t have any of that... but I told her we had something even better. And we taught her about the plan. She loved it. We talked for a bit, and she gave us her information. unfortunately, she lives in Huancayo, so we won´t get to teach her, but I see lots of progress with them in the future. We were at the point that day of giving up, but we stayed out working, and we found some great people. I´ve seen that so many times in my mission.... When it´s a hard day, If we just push a little harder, or at least just stay out working until dinner time, miracles happen. always.

I am so happy to be staying in Victoria. I have a lot to do here, and I am excited to work hard with my new companion. We are going to DESTROY this town. Or at least a small portion of it haha. I love my ward, my house, this city, the mission... everything. I am so happy here. 

Love, Hermana Allred

1-- my converter melted and I thought my world was over, but then I realized I could plug my hair dryer into the wall. that would´ve been nice to know 14 months ago.
2-- the water in the street FROZE into a solid block of ice. It is so cold here.
3-- some of my very favorite people. Nelly (member) Her husband Dionisio (nonmember) and her mom Otilia (member who is sealed to her husband.
4-- my primary kids. this week was David and Goliath

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