Monday, August 4, 2014

baby it's cold outside

It has been one of my favorite weeks. I love my new companion so much. I am so blessed to be ending with someone who works really hard and enjoys being on a mission. I haven´t had that in a while. We are getting so much done, and I can´t even remember a lot of stories, so pictures will have to do for this week.
Our bishop is moving, so we are going to be bishopless for a little bit... good thing his counselor is incredible.

After our primary lesson this week, Denise (the little girl who got baptized a few weeks ago) came up and hugged me around the waist and said "you are my favorite teacher. you can never leave." My heart melted a little bit. I love this ward. I hope president doesn´t think it´s funny to transfer me my last transfer. I would hate that... but whatever he decides, i´ll do. 

I am happier than I have been in a long time. My companion is my best friend and I am SO lucky to be with her. I love being a missionary and feeling exhausted at the end of every day. I still have many faults that I´m trying to work out, but I know God is watching out for me and will help me along the way. 

My mission has changed me. I´m never going back to where I was. 

Love, HErmana Allred

1-- my panai tire sandals
2-- cruisin in a tricycle
3-- saying goodbye to hna. Purse. she´s off to Abancay. I miss her and her. I don´t laugh quite as much now, but I´m still incredibly happy.
4-- Trio for a day. tricycle ride.

1-- giant flute
2-- marilia and I in her sweet local (I don´t know how to translate that.) We ended up getting roped into washing beer bottles as service. it started out as chairs, but somehow ended up as washing beer haha. oops.

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