Monday, August 25, 2014

marca la quinoa

I am still loving my mission. My companion is the best thing that has happened to me. We get along so well, and I never have to tell her to be obedient or work hard. She is such a blessing. Transfers are in 2 weeks, and I´m nervous that president will snatch me away from her. I really hope not.
I forgot most of what happened this week, but a couple random moments:

1-- We were in a lesson with a lady that has an autistic daughter, and she was going through all my stuff in my backpack. She got to the tiny pocket, and what does she whip out? TAMPONS!!! her mom just looked at them and said "oh look, you found her... what are those?" hahahhahaha.... no one here uses them. I was on splits with Hna. Hansen at the time, and we were DYING laughing. 

2-- Emily´s Grandma died this week, and we went over to give them some stuffed animals and UNO (thanks mom!). They were all sad cuz here, they mourn the death for like a week straight and just stare at the picture of the person. it´s depressing. So we played UNO with all the kids. We distracted them for as long as we could. 

3-- All of my companions have told me I talk in my sleep. Sometimes in English, others in Spanish. This week it was spanish haha. I also will wake up without a sweater on sometimes. This week I woke up with a DIFFERENT sweater on, and I didn´t know how it happened. I guess I´m a heavy sleeper. 

I have had so many moments this week where I feel so much love for the people here, and my heart feels like it´s going to burst. My mission has been so good to me. I´ve gone through more than I would have EVER chosen to go through, but it has refined me, and I feel so much closer to the person I need to be for my future.

This last little bit of my mission has been hard in regards to not thinking about family, but luckily it only happens at night when I´m trying to sleep. All of my dreams have been about being at home... I HATE THAT because I honestly don´t want to leave. It´s just hard to think about leaving all these people and experiences behind. I´ll be sad to leave, but I´m excited to start the rest of my life. 

Love, Hermana Allred

1-- me and the chinito
2-- ward family night.
3-- we went on splits this week. got to eat with hna. vickie. LOVE HER
4-- it´s election time. there´s propoganda all over the place

1-- look at that baby. He kills me.
2-- puno puno puno

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