Monday, September 1, 2014

Slug bug, what color?

1-- Nighttime mate. creeper comp picture.

this email is going to be all over the place. I apologize in advance.

Kelsey-- Peruvians LOVE Koreans haha. SO MUCH. If only you saw the posters on their walls. I don`t konw what boys over flowers is, but they love it. 

This week, I realized how much attitude really does have an effect on a missionary. If I choose to hate my ward and sector, I will hate it and be miserable. If I choose to love my ward and help it grow, and love the people even if they slam the door in our faces and call us devil worshipers, then I will wake up every day HAPPY and excited to work because I chose to be here, and God gives me reasons every day to love it. 

I`m crying... what the heck??? I love my mission so much and God has been so good to me lately. I do not want this to end. 

I had a really humbling companionship inventory this week. I got upset about something Hna. Llacsa said to me, so I just didn`t say anything, and prayed. Obviously I seemed upset, because when I left the room to talk about it calmly, she was crying. I just hugged her and she said "I love you so much. I look up to you and I`m so glad you`re my companion. I have learned so much with you. Thank you for being my companion. I`m sorry if I hurt you." I was humbled to the dust. I have never had a companion do that. When I`m upset, it usually turns into a big thing and we lose a whole day of effectiveness. She taught me so much from that simple conversation. We cried and hugged, and that day, a family agreed to be baptized. Satan is a sneaky lil nugget, but we will defeat that lil jerk. 

We have had no money all week because I spent too much grocery money on Trix and pizza bread the first week of the month... We were praying to somehow have food for dinner and breakfast (we already paid the lady who makes us lunch), and God answered our prayers. Every single house we went to for 4 days straight gave us something to eat or drink. Coca Cola, snacks, hot chocolate, pizza, bread and mate, etc. It amazes me how much God is watching out for his missionaries. He loves us so much, and never lets us go without. 

I have learned to love a lot of foods I hated before. Including: Tomatoes, avocados, raw broccoli, cauliflower, celery, sweet potatoes, rice, chicken, and boiled eggs. It`s amazing what changes when you`re forced to eat something enough times. haha. 

I almost got kissed on the cheek by a handsome young man outside the hospital. My natural reflex of "NO SORRY WE CAN`T, here`s a handshake" helped me out. My comp just laughed at me. 
This sunday we were about to head to primary to teach, and I asked Denise "did you bring your scriptures?" and I proceeded to open her bag... I looked in and said "Denise. you only brought an empanada." to which she replied "It`s my refreshment." haha I want a kid just like her. I would take an empanada to church too if I were a kid and not a missionary.

We were waiting in the bishopric`s office for ward council (consejo de barrio in spanish) and one of the little old guys in our ward, Hno. Quispe, came dancing into the room singing "Consejo, consejo, consejo, consejo!" haha. I love seeing the ward get excited about this work. Things are slowly changing, and I love it. LIttle old guys dancing of excitement for a meeting is something that never happened when I got here. The ward is changing, and I love it.

Nilda and Paul are the best. They fed us pizza and hot chocolate. she accepted to be baptized on the 13th, and Paul is going to do it. they want to be sealed forever and ever, and that melts my heart. They are such a strong family, and an example for everyone. 

I am so in love with my mission, it kills me. Every day I wake up happy. I go to bed happy. I know I am doing the Lord`s will, and that is what truly makes a person happy. He will take care of me when I get home, so I just worry about Puno while I`m in Puno, and I`ll worry about home when I`m home. 

These last few weeks have been my favorites. The rainy season started, which has made for some hilarious memories under an umbrella. I love everything about where I am. 

I started taking pictures of all the oldschool bugs in puno (there are tons) most of them are yellow, but occasionally a different one pops in. 

oops. last email
1-- random house with rock steps
2-- orange bug
3-- panai and a bug
4-- the cemetery

this email 
1-- curled my hair with makeup brushes and pencils. it worked.
2-- Mayor elections
3-- typical view here in puno
4-- selling flowers on the street. they`re for the dead.

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