Monday, September 22, 2014


Well, once again, I´m still applying for college, soooo not a lot to say.

I´m doing really really well. I´m so happy. funny things that happened this week:

1-- a little girl was talking to her little brother through the window of her apartment, and we tried to give the little boy some apples a member had given us and he said "sorry miss. I don´t want your apples." then her sister yelled at us "waiiiiitttt!!!!!!! I´m coming. don´t leave." she ran down the stairs to us and said "miss, can I have those apples?" and we gave them to her. she gave us a hug and a kiss on the cheek and ran upstairs. So cute.

2-- I got bit by a dog. Everyone says "it´s not a mission in south america if you don´t get bit by a dog." well, it happened. luckily the dog didn´t have many teeth so I´m okay.

3-- We taught the 2nd coming in Primary this week and my comp said "no one knows when Jesus will come again." to which Denise (the girl who only brought an empanada to church the other week) said "yes we do. Friday." and her little friend Francine said "It really could be friday, saturday, or sunday, because they´re all free days." I died laughing. So watch out guys. Jesus is coming this friday.

4-- we went to buy stuff at our regular store on saturday, and we bought a lot of junk. the store guy (I hate english) said "is this for the whole week?" and I said "um... no. just tomorrow." hahahahaha. I´m so lucky I haven´t gained weight here. 

All our less actives and investigators we were working with seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth, sooo we´ve been finding a lot of new less actives, andwe´re trying to find new investigators. Puno is a hard sector, but I´m trying to stay positive. I know if I keep working hard it will all be worth it. 

Love, Hermana Allred

1-- I got the high score. obviously not many gringos play this game...
2-- lil miss hansen and I with the Puma
3-- most of our zone. the number of gringos has increased drastically

1-- llacsa and I
2-- matti loves wearing my glasses cuz I told him he looks handsome.
3-- FHE with Otilia and the lil minions
4-- I was going to study in the other room on my blanket, and I had a bunch of stuff in my hands (including a dunkin donuts donut that our pensionista´s husband brought us from lima) and i dropped my donut. I still ate it. 

1-- a storm´s a brewin´
2-- .

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