Monday, August 11, 2014

marco pollo

Well, it´s another great week in victoria. I love my ward.

I´m healthy, I´m happy, and I´m terrific. According to president, that means I´m in pretty good shape.

WE had our interviews with Presidnet Harbertson this week, and it was exactly what I needed. He just let me talk about how happy I am. I told him I would love to end my mission in Victoria. He said "if it is His desire for you to stay it will be wonderful… and if it's not, it will sad for you, but it will still be wonderful." Well, I only have one transfer after this one, sooooo if I go somewhere else, I´d only be there 6 weeks. I´d be sad, but I will work hard no matter where I go. 

It always happens that way. President always snatches me away from my favorite companions. But I guess when I get along with someone I don´t learn so much. Difficult companions teach me SO much, just not in the way I want. you SNEAKY mom. 

We have FINALLY started to get some new people to teach, and it´s going so well. There´s a new couple (reference from Hermana Hansen) we´re teaching named Ruben and Nilda. He is less active, and she isn´t a member. they´ve already come twice, and it´s for sure that she´s going to get baptized. I´m so excited to see this family progress. We haven´t taught them yet,  but tuesday we will. PRAY FOR THEM! 

I love my mission. I don´t know who I would have been without it. 

Love, HErmana Allred

1-- I am the new house plumber. I fixed the shower, the toilet, AND a leaky sink this week. without even going to a hardware store... I don´t need no man. haha.

2-- Hermana Shyrly (shirly). she was our temporary pensionista while ours went to Arequipa. she fed me way way too much. her husband paints. I love their family.

3-- i´m starting to like cats. it´s terrible... but look at it! it´s so small and cute.

4-- onsie party

5-- FINALLY the zone leaders bought us a toilet seat. when they handed it to us they said "and your throne, my ladies" also, a pink broom. 

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