Monday, May 26, 2014

I'm traveling again

we just got off a bus in Cusco and now we´re headed to Lima to do document stuff. Not sure what haha. no one tells us anything. But, I have a little bit of time to write you guys.
Things are good right now. I´m happy (but very very cold) in my sector. We finally have a house. We didn´t have a shower for 5 days... I showered more at girls camp than I did this week haha.

I will have more time on wednesday or thursday to write you guys, so I´ll say more.
I love you all!

well, we traveled a lot this week. Doing immigrations stuff... we ended up in Ecuador for a little bit.
 I´m exhausted, and now we have to get on a bus to Puno. I´m excited to be in the cold again, as weird as that might seem. Ecuador is HOT. 
While we were in the airport, we just got a really weird reality check... we will go home one day. I´m excited, but at the same time... Rent, work, school, awkward dating and the stupid emotional rollercoaster that is, real life where you don´t just teach people about Jesus all day. It makes me sick thinking I have to leave. I love you all, and I´m excited to see you, but the reality check was hard. I don´t want to leave.

I am loving my mission, and I loved being with Hna. Rasmussen for a couple days not having to stress about our sectors so much. It felt nice to be able to go on a trip without having to be in charge of everyone. We felt pretty free. 

I really don´t like thinking that there´s only 5 months left... real life is the worst.

I love you all

Hermana Allred

1-- makeshift shower
2-- it´s cold here. really cold.

1-- Africa. wait... this is Ecuador
2-- Rassmussen, me, and Coffey cruisin over the border.
3-- Tumbes (africa look alike) airport
4-- hna. Wahlen and I in Tumbes

1-- airport waiting... we did a lot of this this week.
2-- ecuador.
3-- we painted a lil girl´s nails in the plaza. she loved us. 
4-- inca ampitheater
5-- river
6-- jaguar camo shoes
7-- ampitheater in Tumbes
8-- the plaza


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