Monday, May 19, 2014

Avocado sandwiches for breakfast.

I got kissed on the cheek by a smelly drunk in a band tshirt. On the same day, I sat on a cat. My companion laughed both times. I didn`t hit the drunk in the back of the head this time... (I`m pretty sure I never told you guys about my first encounter with a drunk... I`ll save that story for when I`m home. The first time was worse.)
Overall, this week was really great. I love living with Hna. Rasmussen and Olivares. They are so sweet and I love them both to death. My mission has given me so many friends for eternity. I feel so blessed to have known them. 

We had our interviews with president this week, and it was so good. It`s always shorter than I hope, but it was good. He talked about expectant faith as opposed to wishful faith. That is something I struggle with. I`m working on it though. 

I love my companion. She is the kindest person I know. I feel like she should be from England. She likes Jane Austin, BBC classics, and drinks herbal peppermint tea without sugar. We get along so well, and I laugh all the day long. I just know she is going to get snatched away from me, just like all my other favorite companions. Hna. Tamariz, 1 transfer. Rasmussen 1 transfer, Nelson, 2 transfers... it`s a curse. But we will enjoy the time we do have together. 

Remember that billy boyd song from lord of the rings? Mist and Shadows or something.  well, we spent a good day listening to all her LOTR songs until we found it. turns out it`s just the last 15 seconds of a song. Boo. that song should really be longer. 

We found a golden investigator whose mom happens to be a member. We were going through a list of names the elders gave us. they`re super less actives who might have passed away, or moved. Most have passed away or moved, but luckily this lady still lives in Puno. and her 18 year old daughter Vaness accepted to be baptized after teaching her for 20 minutes. She is so excited. We just need to get her mom to church too so she isn`t alone. She already has a friend in the ward who is also studying medicine at the same college, and happens to live down teh street. Vanessa is so great. She was EATING UP the Book of Mormon because she always wanted to know where the Incas came from. Well, just read the first few chapters of Nephi, and that`ll answer all your questions. She is stoked, and so am I. 

We could really really use your prayers to help make this happen. Satan works hard, and I don`t want him to get this one. well, anyone, but especially her right now. Her full name is Vaness Mamani Cruz. Pray that her parents will also accept the gospel. 

I love my mission. Every week, I learn more about how to improve. God is so great, and so is Christ. I am converted, and I am never leaving. 

Go do some good, and help the missionaries! go with them to lessons. give them references of less actives or non members. feed them (but not too much because then they want to pass out on their beds for a couple hours.... and that`s not allowed.). 

I love you all. 

Love, Hermana Allred

1-- my comp and I freezing to death at the stake center while everyone else plays soccer. I still don`t play... cuz I don`t know how. and I`d rather play piano in the chapel. 
2-- planning at our desks. ha. We don`t have one. 
3-- Hna. Rasmussen`s pensionista feeds us like we`re elders... I hate it. Soup, main dish, and a dessert of sorts. I HATE FOOD SO MUCH. We were full for a good 2 hours. 

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