Monday, May 5, 2014

Transferred!!!! and a new winter.... a cold one.

I feel like this week, the pictures will have to make up for the lack of words. I am so happy right now. I am leaving Cusco to train in Puno and open a brand new sector. They haven`t had hermanas there before.
Guess what that means. I will be with Hna. Rasmussen in the same district! she is my sister leader :) (my MTC companion) 

I am so full of happy, I can hardly stand it. I am so ready to ROCK these last 5 months and baptize the heck out of people. With my new mission daughter! I am so excited to train again. This time I actually feel like I know what I`m doing, so I won`t be all stressed out again. 

We went to Saqsayhuaman again today. I went a while ago, but this time was more fun because it was with people I love. I love all the hermanas in this zone. I`m going to miss them, but I`m SO excited to be with Hna. Rasmussen and a new daughter. 

I love my mission, and I`m so excited to get to work all day every day again. I`ve missed that. 

You all make me smile.

Love, Hermana Allred

1-- it rained a lot this week.
2-- waiting for our ward mission leader to open the door. 
3-- i shrunk. haha joke. The door is just too big. 

1-- comp and i
2-- look closely. there are lots of dogs. they were charging us, so we ran away.
3-- the incredible view. 

1-- Me, my granddaughter, and daughter
2-- glove shot
3-- they say that if you run up these stairs without stopping, you will have lots of luck. that`s probably why I got a transfer :). I ran up those things like Rocky. I have a video, but i don`t know how to send it. 

1-- my last bit of Cusco before heading to Lake Titicaca
2-- cristo blanco and saqsayhuaman
3-- entering into the tunnels
4-- spelunking

1-- the door leading to the coolest cave I`ve ever seen.
2-- I really love her. 
3-- we got a little hipster in the cave by saqsayhuaman. the lighting was cool.

1-- cave
2-- got yer hands in yer pockets, beanie falling off, awkward posture, big glasses, and something plaid. Must be a hipster. 
3-- VOGUE ha. joke. 

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