Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Locos Pantalones en el CCM

I have 12 days left here and I'm not happy about it. I am in love with the MTC and all the people in it.
My companion and I must have known each other in heaven, because we click SO well. I can't even begin to describe how much I love her and her incredible spirit. We work through problems calmly (something I'm not used to) and everything about us just meshes so well. She's planning on applying to BYU Provo when she gets home so DAD! Hoook her up :) I would really really love to have her in Utah Valley.
We got called on Sunday (they warned us beforehand this time haha.) as the Sister Training Leaders for our Zone, which means NO MORE PRANKS :( We've been trying really hard to be a good example for the new district that comes in today. (Val isn't in my zone unfortunately. I hope I get to see her today!) We get to do the orientation for them today and tomorrow with the Zone leaders.
instead of pranks, I'll tell you about all the funny things that happen to sister Thompson
1// she fell FLAT on her face on the way home from the temple last week. She just fell right over. No tripping involved. Just falling over. After it happened I just laughed and said "I don't know how to feel". She didn't appreciate that.
2// She got bit by a spider and her arm swole up to twice its original size. I'll send a picture later today.
3// She was playing piano in sacrament, and they were the most random songs and had a million flats. The kid didn't ask her to play until right before, so she was stumbling through the whole time. After, the Branch counselor got up and said "Were you playing out of the English Hymn book" (the melodies are a little different usually) to which she replied "um... no. I just suck. Sorry." HAHAHHAHA Way to call her out in the middle of Sacrament. Luckily she has an incredible ability to laugh things off so it didn't bug her. I love that girl.
I don't have my Visa yet. I'm not getting my hopes up for getting it before I leave. And really, I'd be okay if I got reassigned for a couple months. It's like I get to serve two missions in one! I'll be here until Monday June 3rd, so if you're sending letters or packages to me, make sure it gets here by NEXT FRIDAY May 31. The mail room is closed most of Saturday and all Sunday so I can't get my mail.
Every Sunday they have films after the devotional. We usually go to Legacy or the Testaments because there are love stories in them and it's funny to watch all the missionaries get awkward when they kiss. We all lose our minds and wonder if it's appropriate to be watching it haha. Oh the life of a missionary. I truly LOVE it.
Elder Nelson (the blonde one) and I have plank wars every time we go to Gym. Last time we lasted about 15 minutes (we did side planks inbetween), and I was SOOOO close to beating him last time. I just gave out. I WILL beat him before we leave. Just you wait. My abs are killing me.
I forgot to grab my spiritual journal, but I had SO many good experiences this week. I never understood why missionaries would talk so much about their investigators in their emails, but now I'm realizing it's the only thing I want to talk about. God shows us in every lesson how much he LOVES his children.
Gregorio is getting baptized next SATURDAY!!! :) (he's not a real investigator, but I'm just as excited as if he were) We taught him of the importance of attending church to show God our obediance and why the Sacrament is so important. His kids LOVED primary and want to go every week. We promised him that attending church will bless his familiy and he will be able to find a job if he continues to have faith. We didn't have time beforehand to plan for the lesson, and the entire lesson was guided by the spirit. I'm starting to recognize the spirit more and more every day and it's SO obvious when I'm not being completely obediant because everything goes wrong. Miracles truly happen when you're 100% obediant.
One of our lessons with Cris went so well. He has been hard to get through to him because he just seems so content with his life being average. He used to party all the time, then realized he was miserable (YAY CRIS! That's the most imporant step :). He still drinks socially, but doesn't party. We finally broke through to him and taugh him a lesson about baptism. He realized he needs to repent of his sins and I promised him that if he prays sincerely about the Book of Mormon, that he will know the entire church is true. If the Book is true, Joseph Smith is a Prophet, The commandments are real, the gospel is true, EVERYTHING IS TRUE. He just has to have a desire to know for himself. We teach him next thursday, so we'll see what happens.
During that lesson, I felt like I was fluent in Spanish. I didn't have to think about what I was saying once. What a blessing.
Earlier in the week, I FINALLY cried. Not about spiritual stuff, cuz that happens every day. I was in the middle of TALL (it's like rosetta stone but with Gospel related topics) and as I was trying to congugate some verbs, my frustration went through the roof, and I just CRIED my eyes out in the other room with my companion. I had been holding in my feelings for 4 weeks, and I guess I just needed to explode for a good 30 minutes, then get back to work. That's exactly what happened. We taught a really good lesson right after that, and I've been fine ever since. Spanish is difficult, but it's not Mandarin Chinese... that's just what I have to keep telling myself. I will get it eventually, but right now, I need to be happy that I can fumble through lessons.
In TRC (the place where we meet with members who speak spanish) we met with the sweetest little old lady I've ever met. Her name was Sister Applegate. She learned spanish while her son was on a spanish speaking mission and didn't know why she needed to learn it, but she did it anyway. She has an illness and doesn't know how much longer she will be alive, so instead of traveling like most people would do, she is serving the Lord at the MTC because she wants to help prepare the world for the second coming. In her (translated) words "It takes many hands to push the rock down the mountain." So true. I'm a small part of this incredible work and I want to be exactly like her when I get old. She told us she was going straight home to tell her husband about our visit. I cried the whole time... Her spirit is amazing.
My favorite thing she said was "I have a nerve in my face that makes my right eye twitch. Don't worry, it's not sexual harassment. But the left one is." and then she winked at us. HAHAHA. I love her so much. I hope we get to teach her next week.
My district is one of the most incredible groups of people I've ever met. Every single person contributes so much. It kills us all that we won't see each other for TWO YEARS. We're already planning a trip to Bear Lake in May 2015 :) So excited. We are best friends. I am so glad I came here and that I failed the spanish exam over the phone so they put me in beginning spanish. My experience would have been VERY different if I had gone to Peru first.
I could go on forever, but I'll keep it relatively short.
Brandon: I promise I'm writing you back. I just only write letters on P-day cuz that's when we're allowed to.
Val: YOU'RE IN THE MTC! haha. so obviously you wont' see this. but if you do, COME FIND ME! My classroom is in 9M 3rd floor.
Dad: I wrote you a letter last week, but I didn't have time to write all the other letters for the Allred house, so I haven't sent it yet. It's coming!
Mom: I couldn't find your address until yesterday, so your letter is on the way :)
Brittany: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I almost exploded when I saw the pictures you sent. I'm so so happy :) I showed you all off to my district. Everyone wants to date Tara and Amy (they know jennie and brittany are taken). Most of them are 18, so um.. I have a lot of men for you in two years AMY! :) They're so sweet. You'd love them.
Jennie: WRITE ME BACK! :) I want to know what the heck is going on in your life.
Amy: I got your graduation invite! So excited for you to start college! when it gets really hard, write me a letter, then go to the temple. Cuz the temple is the safest place on earth and i love it.
Kitty: My companion thinks you're adorable :) Milo too. How's daddy's house?
Holly: How did your chior thing go?? Daddy told me all about it :) I'm glad you got to be with your friends.
I LOVE YOU ALL! I have to go :( Picutres will be coming later today.
Love, Hermama Allred

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