Monday, August 19, 2013

Seee kwahhh neee

Well, we once again almost had a baptism. This story is actually kinda funny. but devastating at the same time. We were in the church waiting for her to show up (the 70 year old lady that only speaks Quechua) and 2.5 hours later, we decided to leave. We had no idea what happened until Sunday. Her daughter said she drank on Friday to celebrate her baptism the next day. hahaha. Obviously somewhere along the way the Word of Wisdom was lost in translation. She also said she almost got to the church, but felt bad and said "NO NO NO NO NO I will not be baptized." and turned around and went home haha. She{s a hoot, and she will be baptized eventually, but we need to make sure she understands the doctrice first.

We had a cool experience with a member this week. We usually turn right out of our apartment, but hna. inga said we should go left because it is shorter. I usually don{t follow her when she wants to go another way, but for some reason I followed her. We ran into a friend of a member named CAMILLA that we{re really close to (she reminds me of Amy, so we talk a lot). She said CAMILLA called her crying and to come to the hospital. I thought it was her grandma, because she is always sick, but we got there and she had a tube up her nose. She and her mom had gotten in a fight, and had taken 8 of her grandma{s super strong medication. She almost died... If we hadn{t followed that prompting, we wouldn{t have been there for her. I looked at her and said "CAMILLA, no one called us to come here but God. We are representatives of Jesus Christ and he wants you to know he loves you." I just hugged her and she said "Allred, I love you so much." I just cried and CRIED like a baby. I love this girl and I{m so glad Hna. Inga listened to that prompting. We went and talked to her mom after, and wow... I felt so bad. She told us the story of the fight and I KNOW God wanted me to hear it because it is the exact same fight that I{ve had with Mom a million times. About stupid things and being ungrateful for everything she has done for me, and not understanding how SHE feels. I told her about Mom and I, and told her that every time we had a fight, even if it was 100% my fault, mom would always apologize within an hour. And I would always feel terrible. In that hour, all I wanted was Mom. I told her that she should apologize to her daughter and love the heck out of her, because she doesn{t have a dad and it would be terrible to lose her relationship with her mom too. She thanked us for helping her and we prayed. This was hands down the most spiritual moment of my mission. I never had recognized that I was being guided by the Lord until this moment. I KNOW God guides his missionaries in every aspect of the work if we are worthy. I am so grateful to be here helping the people of Peru. 

Random stuff

1-- once again, I misunderstood a conversation. "apoyo" is not the same as "pollo" one is help, one is chicken. That was a longgggg hour. I was trying to figure out a story about a chicken, and in the end, it was about helping someone... freak. 

2-- I GOT A PACKAGE! It was sent to the old address, so it took a while to get here, but I got it. One from Brandon, and the other one I think is from Mom. I{m going to pick it up after we{re done emailing. I also got Jennie{s wedding invite. I WILL BE THERE!!! haha... joke. I{m in peru.I{ll be there in spirit. I{m bummed I can{t be in the temple with you, but I{m so proud of you for GOING TO THE TEMPLE! It{s the best place in the entire world. 

3-- I{m really sorry about my punctuation mistakes. these keyboards are the worst. And it takes so much effort to capitolize things, entonces, lo siento.

4-- I{m getting to the point where I can{t use the fact that I don{t understand Spanish as an excuse. Which stinks because sometimes it hurts my head to concentrate on the conversation, so i stop listening for a minute, then they ask me a question and I have no idea what they said and feel really bad. It{s fine when it{s a new investigator and they don{t know I understand them, but when it{s a long term investigator, I don{t have an excuse. God is blessing me with the gift of tongues and interpretations, and I LOVE that I finally feel somewhat confident in the language. But... I really really don{t want to train someone in the next transfer, so I{m not telling anyone haha. But, if I do end up training, I hope she speaks Spanish. I don{t think I can train a gringo yet... 

5-- Embarrassingly enough, I have taken up scrapbooking. It{s actually really cool. I have pages full of pictures from Sicuani and the MTC and letters and reciepts and random crap that I probably shouldn{t save,but I hate throwing things away, so I am gluing them into a scrapbook instead of putting them in the trash. I{m going to end up on extreme hoarders.. I just know it. 

Well, I LOVE YOU ALL, and thank you all for your letters. I print them off every week and glue them in my scrapbook haha. 


Hermana Allred
AV LA cultura 2417
frente a la urbanizacion santa ursola
capilla mormona
cuzco, peru

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