Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hey Mom remember that onetime i wanted to play soccer, but I choseto dance instead? BIG MISTAKE!!! It´s all we do on P days and the onetime I tried to play, I got laughed to shame and they kicked me out. It´s awful… I just wish Iwas latinsometimes. (the spacebar stinks on thiscomputer. Sorry)

So this week was nuts. We had so many miraclesandI don´teven know where to start.

Let´s start with this. BAPTISM!!!  Federico Corrales is 83 years old, his wife died a long time ago, his son is our Elders Quorum President, and he quitdrinking 2 years ago for God. He came to church last Sunday and told us he wants to be baptized thisweek. We visited him every day this week and he was baptized on Sunday after church. I cried when hisson bore histestimony. It was such a special momentbecause I KNOW he isconverted and I do not have to worry about him falling away. I have decided I am not going to let someone be baptized if I know they aren´t ready. They will be onemore inactive member, andI don´t want that. I want to haveCONVERTS not baptisms.  He is the sweetest thing I have ever met. He has one little brown tooth and only speaks quechua,but his son translated for us. He understands EVERYTHING and we barely had to explain anything cuzhe already knew.  Wow. I love him. He had a hard timein the font cuz he can´t move very well, but he was so happy after and the ward is welcoming him with open arms.

OH! The first lesson with him was great, and after we got to see his brand new grandson. I walked in the room, saw the baby, and started bawling. I couldn´t explain how I felt to anyone. I was thinking about Brittany´s lil baby to be and just AH! I couldn´t help it. I miss you guys and after such a good lesson (after a week ofnothing but crap), seeing a brand newbaby, just all these weird emotionsexploded at once and everyone was confused. It´s fine. Just allergies haha.

We haveanother baptismthis weekend of a 9 year old girl, and SHE IS READY! No doubts about her. I love when we don´t have to worry about baptisms falling through. Stay tuned for pictures. J

I have so much to say but I can´t think… gah. Elder cook. You know, that apostle guy, yeah… HE WAS HERE! We got to listen to him and his wife for a whole hour in Cusco yesterday. The coolest thing ever. I SHOOK HIS HAND!!!! So cool. No words. I was in the choir too. I realized that every time I join a choir, it´s because I either want a good seat, orsomeone famous will be there and I want to stand closer to them haha. Carrie Underwood in Stadium of Fire, MTC choir (it´s impossible to get seats unless you´re in the choir), and Mission Choir haha. That, and singing is pretty cool.

Our area isexploding with success and Transfers are next week and I have no idea if I will be leaving or not. AH! I hope not. I love this area and have work to do.

Jennie- HAPPY WEDDING WEEK! So sad I can´t be there, but know Ilove you so much andi am so proud that you are getting married in the temple to such a great guy. I LOVE MIKE! Tell himIlove him and YAY!!! Congratulations.

Sister and brother  Conlee- I got your letters!! THANK you so much. Tell madd I love her andcongrats on making club.

OH YEAH! last week we went to Machu Pitumarca (not machu picchu) for Pday and hiked up a huge mountain for 2 hours. I LOVED IT! I forgot how much I love hiking. Although I was dying because of the altitude. 11,000 ft. The fact that I hate working out doesn´t help haha. 

Hermana Allred
AV LA cultura 2417
frente a la urbanizacion santa ursola
capilla mormona
cuzco, peru

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