Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wow. I love my life.

Dear Errybody,

Wow I am happy. I really can´t describe in English how truly incredibly happy I am, So I will do it in Spanish.

NO PUEDO EXPLICAR MI FELICIDAD A USTEDES! Cada dia aca en Sicuani, mi testimonio crece y caeo mas enamorado con las personas. Nunca quiero salir!

Okay, if there were mistakes, give me a break. I only have 2 months here haha. FIrst of all, my Spanish is nuts. In a good way. The Lord truly is blessing me with the gift of tongues. I understand EVERYTHING (unless they´re from Argentina… then I just laugh). I tried saying a prayer in English the other day cuz an investigator wanted to hear, and I butchered it. I forgot how! We only pray in Spanish.

HERMANA INGA AND I ARE STILL COMPANIONS!!! Transfers are this week, and we thought for SURE hermana Inga would be transferred, but she is staying in Sicuani with meJ sucks to be her right now. Haha. Joke. She loves me. We are working really really hard together and a lot of things are changing for the better in our área. I really can´t begin to describe howmuch I love this área andpollo ala brasa and my pensionista and the random animals I see walking down the Street, and the trips to Cusco, and the freezing rain, and the bishop, and the kids, and AHHHH! I never want to leave, but it´s going to happen. I only have 14 months left of my misión…. This is going by so fast. The real world of studying and stuff scares me. I don´t want to stop being a missionary. We don´t know if we have a transfer until really late Sunday night, and the transfers are Tuesday morning, so we have a hard timeplanning for the week cuz we never know if we are going to leave or not. We only have Monday tos ay goodbye to everyone. Luckily we have at least 6 more weeks together. And we get to watch conference together!!! With our lil Ward J So happy.

We had some american experiences this week and I loved it. There is a random restaurant in the plaza that´s like the Malt Shoppe in Provo, only a Little more Peruvian haha. Our Pensionista is AWESOME and took us to eat there cuz she knows I love american food. We ate chicken strips and fries with KETCHUP instead ofmayo. Miracle. WE always eat everything with Mayo. (sisters… Mayo sickness hahahhahaa). They were playing Green Day and Avril Lavigne on the TVs and I had a battle in my head because I wanted to listen to it, but I can´t and I really wanted to eat my chicken. Haha. Missionary problems.  

TWO BAPTISMS THIS WEEK!!! Once again, they are both very very strong and come every single week and love learning.

Miriam!! The girl who was going to be baptized inJuly, but her family got all up in her grill and they postponed it. YEah. She´s a full blown member of the Church now and we´re teaching her mom J She wants to be baptized too. WE stopped by her house the other day, and Miriam said “She´s busy. She´s killing sheep.” Um… what? Did I translate that right? Did you just say nonchalantly that your mom is killing sheep? Yup. That´s what she said. Haha. I LOVE PERU!

Brithny was baptized too J (she´s the one in the baptismal clothes with her whole family. Miriam is the pictures with me and her two brothers with hats in the pews of the chapel) her dad is a member and her brother too. We are teaching her mom and hopefully they will all be able to be sealed in the temple in the next couple years. I love them so much.

Hey all you people in Utah. GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!You don´t understand what a blessing that is. You can go whenever you want. The people here have to save up all year just to go once. It´s expensive, It´s a 14+ hour drive in a stinky bus, and you all live 5 minutes from a million temples. Do NOT take that for granted. I wish I could go L Imiss it.

All you people that CAN serve missions, should. It is the greatest thing I ever decided to do. HANDS DOWN. Do not let this opportunity pass you by. It will CHANGE your life.

I love you all J KEEP EMAILING! If I don´t respond, email again. Sometimes I forget which ones I have responded to.

Jennie: CONGRATS!!! YOU ARE MARRIED! I am so happy for you. SEND PICTURES PLEASE!!! I feel so out of the loop

Dad: I sent a huge envelope of letters to you. There are instructions of how to send them to everyone. LOVE YOU

I love you all an unbelievably large amount and hope you all are doing great.

Love, Hermana Allred

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