Monday, September 30, 2013


Another hard hard week. BUT The cruz family was baptized. So it´s worth it.
We were studying on our roof because the weather was nice and we hate being in our room, and lo and behold, an hour later, I had a second degree sunburn on my arms and legs. I couldn´t walk for 3 days. I got bored real fast. Hermana inga was surprisingly very patient with me.
But Saturday, wow… struggles. The baptism of the Cruz family. I still couldn´t walk. I was miserable and felt like my legs would literally explode if I put weight on them. I walked anyway because we worked WAY too hard to help this family and I had to be there. We showed up 10 minutes before the service because They were still getting ready, and the font was EMPTY. There was no water in the chapel. Good thing there´s a chapel across the river with a font that fills up really fast. Problem SOLVED.  They were baptized, it was beautiful , and I am so happy.
A bird pooped on my head right before church. We were waiting for the Cruz family outside their house. It reminded me of one of dad´s famous mission stories. When I moved to the other curb to get away from the poop bird, I sat in a puddle. But we went to church, the poop was cleaned out of my hair, the water dried, and the family was confirmed members of the church. Once again, I am very happy for them.
Transfers are in two weeks. This is my 3rd transfer with Hna. Inga in Sicuani, and that is very unusual. I don´t know what is going to happen, but I know one of us will get transferred. I guess we´ll see.
I love you all. Be good.
Love, Hermana Allred

Oh also, finally we have pday FREE! we don´t have to be with thezone all day. So i have a TON more time to write you all real letters and I can email whenever I want. Soooo don´t expect it to be the same time every week. 

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