Sunday, September 8, 2013

This week

Wow this week. EXPLOSION of success. Not numbers, but the real kind. The kind where you go home at the end of the day and want to cry tears of pure happiness.. That what you´re doing makes a difference in the life of someone. I LOVE THIS MISSION!
First of all, we are teaching Brithny and her family still. Her mom wants to get baptized, but her husband´s divorce still isn´t finalized. He is a member, and we can´t really teach him anything cuz he´s brilliant haha and used to be a bishop, but we just remind him what he needs to do by teaching him gospel principles. Like tithing… I almost cried on Sunday. They have been struggling financially and didn´t know how they were going to make it, and we taught about tithing, and this Sunday…. Oh my gosh. They paid their tithing. They haven´t seen blessings yet because it´s only been one day, but their faith is INCREDIBLE. They are keeping ALL of their commitments, and we are going to visit them every Sunday from now on. They are so special.
WILLIAM!!! His mom is less active, and his dad is Catholic, but he soaks up everything and comes to every activity, and we have noches de hogar with them all and they have an internet café, so they always look up videos. I gave them EVERY source of positive gospel videos I could think of. William is going to grow up watching the Living Scriptures just like our family J I love them so much. His dad wants to make sure he really wants to get baptized so we don´t have a date yet, but he WILL be baptized. HE reads the book of Mormon more than some missionaries haha. He is awesome.
We have 2 elders in our ward now!!! they are helping so much with the drunkards of the area haha. We can´t really teach them alone, so we haven´t been teaching them. They are spiritual GIANTS and the Ward loves them already. We helped a less active member sand her house (my English is awful… sorry) and we´re going to paint it this week. YAY service.
I never remember what I want to say when I´m actually writing. Dang it.
Sister Conlee: I need your chocolate chip cookie recipe. I am so deprived and the ward wants me to make them cookies. 
Dad: I GOT THE SOCKS!!! My feet are very very happy.
Our president is the best thing to ever happen to this mission. SO MUCH is changing for the good and we are SO happy here in Sicuani. I don´t know what will happen next transfer, but I really don´t want to leave. So much is changing. 
I want all of you to know how very much I love every one of you. I am grateful for every single email and wait on pins and needles to read them every Monday. SEND MORE PICTURES! Also, I have only recieved one hand written letter (from sister Conlee) So if you sent one, and don´t know if i´ve gotten it yet, I haven´t haha. They should get here relatively soon. I hope.  
I love you all.

Pictures: first email
1-- the view. Gorgeous
2-- A kindergarten in Sicuani
3-- The Lamb of the Barrientos Family (miriam milagros)

Second email
1-- Lady and I. I always scream-sing the STYX song at her. She doesn´t understand, but I think it´s funny.
2-- CASA BLANCA (Justin, this oné´s for you)
3-- um... I think I just died. NUTELLA AND (normal) PEANUTBUTTER in SICUANI PERU! They just barely started having this in the lil grocery store here. IT´s 16 soles, which is about 7 dollars, which is THE SAME AS THE USA!!! So happy. Hermana Inga can buy her own now and stop eating mine haha.
4-- Wiky taking pictures at church again.

1-- rainy Pday
2-- service with the new elders
3-- Yony´s chinese Restaurant. Elder Harmon was teaching him for us, and he got transferred to Cusco, so we had lemonade with him in his lil restaurant. 

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