Monday, September 16, 2013

Well, This week hasn´t exactly been the easiest. I´m really struggling, but it turn, I am really learning how to pray. Sometimes I getting news from home is really hard. It´s like I live in a little bubble where only Sicuani and its problems exist, and when I hear about home, that bubble gets a whole new set of problems in it. I love hearing from all of you, but man... sometimes It is hard. I know  Satan tries to get me in any way he can, and man... he knows me. I will be okay though. Patience, Faith, and Prayer. Nada mas.
I don´t really feel like writing very much today, so I´ll just tell you the miracle of the week.

We have been teaching The Cruz family for about 3 months. They were a contact from April, but the prior hermanas could never get in contact with them until June when I got to Sicuani. They are incredible. They have a dance studio, all of them play violin, and they are incredibly close. They do everything together. All they needed was the gospel to make that forever. We have challenged them to baptism 5 times this month, and every timethey got a little bit closer to saying yes. The dad said he didn´twant to right nowbut maybe in the future.

We came on Friday with the Elders to teach them, and they had popcorn popped, drinks, and they even surprised me with a violin and I played for a little bit. I had no idea what was going on. I just thought they wanted to have a little party. BUT after the prayer, Luis (8years old) was whispering to his mom, and then said. "we have a surprise for you. We are all going to be baptized on September 21st".... um.. WHAT? Are you serious? All this patience has finally paid off? You are going to make the best decision of your life.. I had no idea what to say. We taught them what itmeans to take upon you the name of Crist, and played Uno after. A night I will never forget. (we took pictures outside her houseafter. with the kidsin costumes.)

THEN! we went to visit them onSaturday to make sure they didn´t change their minds, and wow... guess what happened. They had popcorn again, and The Dad said "I bought goggles and a swim cap to prepare for my baptism next week". Um... are you joking? HE WAS NOT JOKING! the entirefamily of 4 is going to be baptized this saturday. I AM SO HAPPY! I have so much love for this family, and we havebeen patiently helping them overcometheir doubts, and finally, their timehas come. I can´t even express how happy I am. We love them. It´s going to be a good week. I canfeel it.

I love you all, 

Love, Hermana Allred

Cruz Family (minus the dad)

CruzFamily, the elders, and some neighborhood kids that were dressed up for a parade

Hermana Inga bought be an "I´m Sorry" cake. It helped haha

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