Monday, October 7, 2013

ohhhh funny joke. wait.. you´re serious?

Ohkay so I don´t have much time, cuz I have been writing the president and reading emails, buuutttt I do have news.

Sunday as I was getting ready to leave for conference, the mission president called. I thought it was our zone leader, but nope. ahhh.. He said "I have a question for you. well, more of I´m letting you know something. I am calling you to train a new missionary this transfer" 

I instantly started crying because I feel so inadequate. I´m terrified, but I am praying and fasting that somehow I will be able to do it. We go to Cuzco on Wednesday for a training and we´ll meet our new companions. 

I´m staying in Sicuani to train until at least December 30th, so I´m going to REALLY get to know Sicuani. I´ve been here a little over 3 months, and by december 30th it´ll be 6 months... that´s a third of my mission. It´s going to be sooo hard to leave this area. I love the people so much and just want to stay with them forever to keep them in their path. But if I work hard to make sure they KNOW HOW to endure, I don´t have to worry. 

Maria Cruz said something so powerful in our Family Night on Sunday. "In conference I learned that when we make a decision, we need to stick to it. I am going to endure to the end, with the support of the missionaries and the ward. I can´t wait for my family to be sealed so we can be together forever." 
Yeah I cried. I am so in love with this family. I GET TO SPEND CHRISTMAS WITH THEM!!! and thanksgiving... oh wait. we don´t have that. I think the Gringos are going to get together to celebrate though haha. It´s gunna be great. I miss american food. and holidays. It´s fine. I´m not trunky! I love peru.

As for all of you, I LOVE YOU ALL! 

(these are all out of order. sorry.)

picture 1 this is how the gringos watched conference. Window´s media player. NOT the same
picture 2 Teaching English with Elder Lehman. I really don´t actually like teaching english. like... at all. It stresses me out.
picture 3 zone jersey. I have 3 so far. ALL from SIcuani haha. They´re only like 5 bucks here.
picture 4 zone jersey.

1-- david and goliath (E. Lehman and Luis Cruz)
2-- Surprising the Bishop at his house on his birthday
3-- same as 3
4-- Bishop´s daughter, Hna. Inga, Bishop´s sister, and Me

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