Monday, December 9, 2013

The Doors

Well, it´s been a blustury week here in Sicuani. Yes I´m still here. It´s raining like crazy every day. We don´t like rain (hahaha family, that cute picture book we always read, I feel like that. but there is no bathtub to unplug.) One of the members was acompa├▒├índonos (once again I don´t know the word in english) and it looked like rain, so she asked us when our birthdays are, and since we were both born in the dry season (june and july) she told us to blow on the sky... hahahaha. Apparently the people born in the dry season have power to make the rain go away. It worked that day... but not any other day.
I cooked REAL FOOD this week with a less active family. Chicken, mashed potatoes, and Sauteed veggies in BUTTER. not nasty vinegar. I was dying from happiness. It took forever cuz there was no oven to finish off the chicken, but so worth it. I forgot how much I love normal american BASIC food with no Anise in it. I love peruvian food, but sometimes I just want mashed potatoes and a medium steak. 

Anyone have a waffle recipe?

Alejandro... I love him so much. (70 year old whose wife moved to Arequipa a couple weeks ago and works in a little candy-soda store) He´s like my grandpa while I´m here. We have been re teaching him everything because he hasn´t gone to church in over a year, and when we taught him about the spirit world, he said "wait... are you saying I´ll be able to see my dad again." my eyes welled up with tears and I said "yes. That is exactly what that means." He just started laughing and smiling and was SO HAPPY. He has been a member since 1979, but he just forgot all these things, or maybe just never fully understood it.It is so incredible to see the light just click in the less actives. when they remember what they have been taught their whole lives, they just... It makes all the hard times worth it. Every difficult moment of my mission is WORTH IT when I see the light turn on in the eyes of someone who has been through so much. I love him. 

 He wants an American hat cuz he has about 50 right now, but I didn´t bring any, so I´ll probably just buy one in the plaza and tell him it´s from the states haha.

Speaking of... If anyone ever wanted to know where all the clothes go that don´t sell in the states, they come here. I´ve seen super old school boston hats (only on their heads... i can´t find one in any store), random student council shirts, underarmor from some random football camp in the 90´s, and an infinite number of cheerleader hoodies.... worn by boys. It´s un poco chistoso porque NO SABEN lo que dicen sus ropas. some of them say things like "rebel" or "I´m not listening" or men wearing shirts that say "princess" ha. I guess that´s what it´s like for us when we have shirts in French or something. NO CLUE what it says, but it´s french, so it´s cool. haha. 

Hermano Corrales gave me a hiccup cure. I have been hiccuping more than usual, so he said "put your arms above your head. they go right away." So I did it, and IT WORKED!!!! Try it. 

I just want to say once again how incredible my companion is. She is SO KIND to everyone. She always thinks of others first. The other day, she was correcting me on something and I got super defensive and instead of saying something, I just shut down (like always). She didn´t get mad at me, she just waited until I calmed down and let me talk it out. She never told me that I was being ridiculous, she just let me deal with anger the way I needed to. I love her so much and every day, I want to be more like her. It´s incredible. Her Spanish is way better than she thinks it is. I bet she´ll train soon. She´s awesome. So proud of her. 

Well, I´m out of time, but I love every one of you and hope you´re enjoying this christmas season with your families. 

Love, Hermana Allred.

1-- Door
2-- We did Margarita and Karen´s hair for their promocion party. they looked DANG good if I do say so myself. Karen wanted to be a princess haha
3-- Door (one of my favorites)
4-- People don´t usually hear when we knock on the door, so we have to throw rocks at the window. We haven´t broken any... yet. 

1-- It was raining INSIDE during dinner. Our roof is falling apart. Luckily I have an awesome rain jacket
2-- Hermana Flor FINALLY let me take a picture with her. After running away from me for 10 minutes. 
3-- This is my life. I love it. (postres means desserts)
4-- The giant blue catholic church "pampacucho". I don´t know how I haven´t taken a picture of this til now. It´s on every sign for sicuani tourism. maybe cuz there are so many drunks around it.

1-- hna. Flor running away from me
2-- Brithny and her family, Alex, Mariela, Kevin, and Sidmari
3-- Abish. I want to steal her and take her home, but I think the bishop would miss her haha. 
4-- Panai in the Pharmacy

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