Monday, December 2, 2013

Oh the weather out side is great... CHRISTMAS

well, I spent all my time uploading pictures, sooooo I don´t have a lot of time to say things.

Thanksgiving didn´t exist. We thought about doing something, but then we started thinking about home and what ya´ll might have been doing, like eating turkey and taking naps, so we just ate rice and chicken and kept working so we wouldn´t think about it. But next year i´ll be home for ALL of the holidays, so I just have to ignore the holidays for another month, then I´ll be good. 

Ambrosia gave us some weird drink, and I asked her if she boiled it, and she said yes... apparently not. We both got super sick and were throwing up all day wednesday. Which happened to be the day that the sister training leaders came from Cuzco to go on splits with us. Soooo we took a giant nap (second one in my entire mission) and ate nothing all day. It was not fun. Cuz the power was out and I couldn´t watch the district on the DVD player.

We are realizing that we aren´t here to baptize anyone. Every time we contact someone in the street, we think they´re golden investigators, then we find out they were baptized when they were 12 and didn´t remember until we talked to them. SOOO we are going to be reactivating a LOT of people. And lilliana and John will hopefully be ready soon. We haven´t been able to find them in a couple days. Ugh. We´ll find them.

This week has been really long and trying, but so rewarding at the same time. I am just learning to trust God´s timeline and work as hard as I can in the process. I love this area.. Transfers are in 4 weeks, and I don´t want to leave. I don´t want a new companion, because mine is the best. My favorite one so far. She´s rocking it and i´m sure she´ll be training next transfer. 

for those of you with children: psalms 127:3-5 blessed are those who have a quiver full of lil children :) I am so excited to be a mom. I´m going to love the heck out of those kids. 

This gospel changed my life. I want all of you to know that. It can change yours too if you let it. Let it change you. 

1-- peruvian pantry
2-- Eucevia who just moved to Arequipa... :( She just BARELY started progressing and I´ll probably never see her again. So sad. My first goodbye in Sicuani. 
3-- I forgot his name, but he sells I don´t know how to spell that. and books. He has read the book of mormon, but doesn´t believe in religion. we love him anyway and keep stopping by to try to teach him.
4-- His cactusesss.. whatever. 

1-- Dinner :) Paneton (kinda like fruitcake but not disgusting) and Hot chocolate. We had eaten 2 dinners already at member´s houses so Hna. Flor didn´t make us eat another one. 

2-- Elder Wiky Lehman haha. I love his beenie. 

3-- Hna. Allred had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow. 

4-- Brithny and I eating second breakfast (haha. LOTR) just kidding. Second dinner.

1-- Policarpo, the yarn guy. He´s going to teach us how to knit. 

2-- Panai´s buying and selling fruit en el mercado. WE HAVE SUCH GOOD FRUIT HERE.

3-- A turkey from Hna. Nelson´s thanksgiving package. It gobbles when you squeeze it. 

4-- RICK AND MOM! I got the package :) THANK YOU SO MUCH. I flipped them inside out for the picture. My columbian omni heat outfits are now COMPLETE. before, just my legs were warm. To anyone who is going to serve a mission anywhere even remotely cold, GET THESE! You will be toasty warm all day. 

1-- Hna. Nelson take weird pictures every time I hand her my camera. She just found out I´ve been sending them home haha. 

2-- fruit and flowers for hermana Flor. All those flowers were a DOLLAR. Calla lillies and errything. I love calla lillies

3-- fabric store (this one is for brittany) They make suits and stuff for panais. 

4-- CHRISTMAS SWEATER $4. Score. I love peru. and Ambrosia who sold it to me for way cheaper than she should have. 

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