Monday, November 25, 2013

Cancun (will be the death of me)

This week has once again gone by so fast. WHEN IS THANKSGIVING!? I have no idea. is it the third or the fourth week in november? we´re celebrating it this thursday regardless haha.

This email is not going to really follow a pattern. I apologize beforehand. 

We were visiting the cruz family this week, and Miguel (the dad) starts walking up the stairs with 50 lb bags of sugar and flour and pasta, and I ask "um... do you always shop this way?" cuz most peruvians shop by the kilo. and they say "it´s cheaper this way. Miguel doesn´t like to waste money by shopping every day." I just thought.... Wow. They´re real mormons. they have food storage! haha. 

I forgot to mention last week that Lilliana didn´t get baptized. she and her pareja are trying to make things work and are talking about getting married. He´s a tough nut to crack, but we´re trying to help them. I just don´t want to be their couple counselor, so we are getting the bishop involved with them. 

There are so many random phrases I say all the time here. one of the most common is "Is that a gringo? I can´t tell. Let´s go talk to him/her.

Well, this week has been another short/long blur. I swear the a week is a day. I only have 11 months left of my mission... that is SO SAD! I hate thinking about it. 

I really do love my mission. I love my companion SO MUCH. I love how much she teaches me and how well we work together. She is going to do great things in her mission. and her life. If her family is by chance reading this, SHE IS AWESOME!!! your daughter is the missionary you think she is. Maybe even better. 

I love you all. don´t be afraid to WRITE ME LONG EMAILS cuz I can print them off and read them later if I don´t have time. But real letters are always good too :) My address is at the bottom of every email I send.


Love, Hermana Allred

p.s. I´m still in Sicuani. 5 months. WHOOOT! I´m going to stay here forever. Never want to leave. 

1-- Wilfredo giving Cuzco (their dog) a bath. His wife is a member, and we´re working on him haha. 

2-- My companion is a cat lady... I wouldn´t be surprised if our whole house is filled with fleas. She picks up every cat she sees. I still hate cats, but some of the kittens are cute. 

3-- Usually when we have pizza, it´s super soggy and gross. THIS PIZZA WAS SO GOOD! It was hawaiian pizza and I thought I was going to cry I was so happy.

4-- OH MY WORD! just... I have no words to describe how good these things are. They are like ding dongs, but a million times better and filled with COCONUT. If I come back 1,000 pounds, this is why. 

1-- Wilfredo´s Cuys. (pronounced cooh ees). Guinea Pigs. They are saving them for christmas. and when I say that I mean... THEY ARE GOING TO EAT THEM FOR CHRISTMAS. I have never eaten a guinea pig, but I think that time is coming up. I just can´t not think about Catherine´s guinea pigs when I look at them... so sad. 

2-- Family night with all my favorite people. Lilliana and John in the top left corner. Adreana Cruz in the middle, Abish asleep with the bishops wife, me, Karen and Margarita (next to me) then in the front, Hna. Nelson, Elder Lehman, Wiky (bishop´s son) Elder Valdivia, and Liz (bishop´s daughter) Elder Valdivia got a transfer and none of us were expecting it, so we had a little goodbye party. It was super sad cuz they were the perfect companionship. SO FUNNY together. pero asi es la mision.. 

3-- Misioneros de Sicuani 

4-- When I study in the morning, I bring my hair dryer cuz I´m ALWAYS cold. It´s been super super cold lately at night and the morning. 

oh yeah. there was a protest this morning. I thought it was a parade, so we went to the roof to see it, but nope. It´s a protest against domestic violence. It happens SO often here. I hate is so much because I can´t do anything about it. 

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