Monday, November 25, 2013

Time goes by.. by by. so QUICKLY.

Well this week has been full of lots of picture taking and long talks with people with lots of problems. The big news is, LILLIANA is getting baptized this Saturday. It has been a long and hard road getting her to baptism, but she is so ready and I am so happy for her. We are trying to make sure she understands all the commandments 100% percent before she gets baptized so she doesn´t fall back into the same habits. She has SO much faith and has been through so much. I look up to her. She is the strongest woman I know.

Hna. Nelson experienced her first dropping of an investigator. She was trying so hard to hold onto her, so we kept visiting her a couple more times, but she REFUSED to change and be happy no matter how many times we promised her that she would be blessed. She didn´t even want us to pray in our last lesson. She is a very very angry person right now, and she is not willing to accept it. Maybe mas adelante (i have no idea how tos ay that in english) she will soften her heart and accept God in her life. We honestly could never feel the spirit with her because she just wanted to FIGHT.  I refuse to fight with people or bible bash. It doesn´t get anywhere and the spirit isn´t there. (Mark 6:11 shake it off)


Why didn´t anyone tell me the Red Sox won the world series in FENWAY? My companion´s sister lives in Boston and told her. Thanks guys.

All the dogs in sicuani are being forced to get rabies shots. When they get them, they put a red collar on them. I´ve been avoiding all the dogs without a collar haha. I don´t think rabies was one of the shots for my misiĆ³n.

Some drunk guy who I thought was just really sad (nope. Drunk.) started talking to us and said he was from Texas and Barak Obama was his brother. Might be true haha. Just kidding… our president is awesome. *toz* *toz*

We went to Machupitumarca again because I´ve been here forever and I´m the only person who has already been there. It was a lot more fun with Hna. Nelson cuz she likes hiking and I didn´t have to wait for her. Got some sweet pictures with a Panai. She only spoke Quechua, but one of the elders translated for me. She wanted me to give her money for taking pictures haha. Nope.  Joke´s on you. This gringa doesn´t have ANY money.

We also had a Ward movie night again, and we were in charge of popping 5 kilos of popcorn. Do you know how long it takes to pop 5 kilos of popcorn in a Little pot? A long time.  But the good news is that I never ever have to buy microwave popcorn ever again. I ROCK at making popcorn. My kids are going to love me.

I don´t remember what else I wanted tos ay, but I LOVE YOU ALL!

A scripture to get ready for christmas (Alma 5:57-58) Naughty and Nice list. Hahahha. I´m so funny.

Love, Hermana Allred

oh yeah. the Cruz kids had candy in their cheeks. that´s why they look so ridiculous. 

1-- I like your cow
2-- pitumarca (an hour from sicuani)
3-- (door) the meetinghouse in pitumarca. 
4-- (door) a random church

1-- panai
2-- machupitumarca
3-- sheep 
4-- panai and I

 this email
1-- garbage bag of popcorn. not even close to being finished
2-- before popping
3-- (dogs) We ran into the Cruz kids on the street and their puppies. the skinny white one´s name is Allred. yes. I have a dog named after me. 
4-- the internet cafe where we email all ya´lls 

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