Monday, June 3, 2013


Dear Friends and Family,
My Visa hasn't arrived yet, so I have been reassigned to the Texas, Houston mission. (insert freak out here) I got my itinerary in the mail on Thursday, and I leave this coming Wednesday morning. I am so excited! But I haven't exactly packed for Houston weather.. so that will be fun. Imma melt to death.
My companion Hermana Rasmussen got her reassignment on Friday night, and she left Saturday morning for... guess where... SLC West mission! She wanted to stay in Utah, so this is perfect for her. Hermana Routson got reassigned there too. Hermana Thompson left this morning for Colorado Springs. All the people in my district left this morning or on Saturday. I AM ALL ALONE! I'm just floating around in the other districts until Wednesday morning.
My companion for the flight is a girl going to Cusco too.We're actually super good friends! She and I met over facebook and we went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple together and shopped for mission clothes. I love her and I'm so excited that we got reassigned to the same mission. I have no doubt we'll be able to contact some people in the airport :) WHOOT! converting all of Texas.
FAMILY! I will be leaving the SLC airport at 6ish AM and landing in Dallas for a layover at 9:00am Dallas time. SO! Keep your phones on LOUD so I can call you and you'll pick up. remember... This is the only time until Christmas that I will get to talk to you, so you'd better all be there. I'll call Dad's phone cuz that's the only number I have memorized haha. Also, I don't know where the girls are right now, but I'm calling Mom too, so if they're in Vegas with you, then make sure to have them around so I can talk to them too :)
I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! I'm happy. I'm safe. I'm exstatic to serve the Lord and have hot showers for a few more weeks hahha. 'Murica.
Love, Hermana Allred

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