Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Safe and sound in Cusco :)

We made it! barely haha. This has been the most confusing two days of my life. I met hermana Rasmussen in Atlanta. She didn't know I was going to be flying with her, so I surprised her at the gate. We had so much fun on the trip here. When we got to Lima at dark thirty (our flight was 3 hours late), a guy from the church (i think) met us there and herded us to the van. I had no idea what he was saying the entire time, but people kept saying "abuelo" and um... that means grandpa. I just kept thinking "I'm pretty sure my grandpa isn't here, why do they keep talking about him". An embarrassing 12 hours later, they tell us they're actually saying "vuelo", which means flight. I love Spanish.
They think it's ridiculous that we each have 3 bags. Whatever. (LILLLYYY). Then came our next adventura. DRIVING ON THE STREETS OF PERU! ugh. There are NO rules here. They just drive wherever they want, as fast as they want. Yeah. I just closed my eyes and prayed that we wouldn't die. We spent the night in a really nice hotel next to the airport. I'll send pictures on P-day (we only have 30 minutes to email family now, so my emails are going to be relatively short. That might be a blessing to some of you haha. The driver said something about a 5 pm flight to Cusco, but we weren't really sure, and he said to relax and not worry about anything. Next thing we know, there is a knock at our door at 9 am saying to bring our bags to the car and VAMOS! I'm used to surprises by now haha. We threw on the first clothes we could find, then remembered that we packed our toothbrushes in our bags we had already sent downstairs. Entonces, our breath smells real bad. Esta bien. No one else in this country brushes the few teeth they have left. Hermana Rasmussen said "no makeup, smell real bad, teeth not brushed, steezy hair... let's meet the mission president" 

We got to Cusco, and some guy kept trying to help us with our bags, but um... everyone wants our money that we don't have, so we said "NO NO NO NO NO no tengo dinero" and he said "no no no no no es voluntario" and then we just got REALL confused and he ended up taking our bags and the Elders that picked us up paid him. Lo siento elderes. We met our mission president and his wife (they leave in 2 weeks) and we were on our way to the mission home to eat. REAL FOOD! it was sooo good. We interviewed with the president, went over rules and things, then they dropped us off at the office to just relax. They said the altitude messes up your body, so it's better to take it easy. SCORE. 

Entonces, I am safe, I love this country, there are little niƱos everywhere, and I LOVE ALL OF THEM. Not so much the dogs... they can go.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! :) write me letters and stuff. 


love, hermana allred

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