Monday, July 1, 2013

Sicuani and a dying gringo

Whoof this week was a rollercoaster. I can´t even think of all the things that have happened... time is moving so slowly, but so fast at the same time. I apologize if i repeat anything from last week. I don´t remember what I said.
We went to Raqchi last P day. SO COOL! I didn´t understand a word the tour guide said, but it was cool anyway. The USB port isn´t working, so I´ll try to send pictures next week.

Funny moments:

1-- We were about to contact a lady sitting on the curb, when all of a sudden, she stands up, pulls up her tights, and walks away with her puddle behind her.... NEVER TRUST A PUDDLE IN PERU!!!
2-- Apparently our landline has texting. My companion texts the leaders at night to report the numbers and it never gets less strange. it´s a pretty big phone.

3-- My spanish... man. it´s rough haha. My first mistake was when we were teaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I said "el tracero punto es..." which means the butt point.... I meant Tercero punto, which means third point. The lady was nice and didn´t laugh at me. The next mistake was when we were teaching the plan of salvation. I said "es como una mapa" which means it´s like a booger... instead of a map. OOPS! I do know this, YOU SHOULD PICK THE PLAN OF SALVATION! HAHHAHAHAHAHA! i jest. 

Other stuff:

There is an 80 something year old woman without a name, and who only speaks quechua, that lives on the top of these GIANT stairs that we have to climb every day, and she chews on coco leaves to dull her hunger pains and to warm her up, and we always stop to say hello. The other day, we decided to bring her food as often as we can cuz her son is a drunk and wastes all their money on beer. I´ve never seen someone so grateful in all my life. She only knows how to say "gracias seƱorita", which is enough. I love her so much. 

We found a FAMILY who is so prepared. They have been searching for a church to join for a long time, and the mom owns a dance studio for teenagers and adults WITHOUT ALCOHOL! (miracle) The parent are actually married too which is incredible. She literally said ¨"We really need to be baptized"... UM WHAT!? that´s only a missionary´s dream.

Our new president got here this weekend, and our Zone is close enough that we get to go to Cusco to meet him tomorrow. WHOOT! I´m excited.

I found the best bakery in all of Sicuani. you can get 5 huge roll things for 1 sol, which is like 50 cents. I go there quite often. I think i´m getting fat. Don´t care. Everyone here drinks this awesome hot chocolate with day old bread, and I think I´m in love with it. I want it ALL the time. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention we have a lady that cooks all our meals. It´s nice not having to worry about grocery shopping and cooking while we´re here. Cooking is the last thing I want to do on a particularly difficult day. Which we tend to have a couple times a week.

The work is hard, the people are usually nice, the food is questionable, but I am happy most days. This is the Lord´s work, and I am soooo happy to be a part of it.

Sister Conlee: I got your letter and I´ll be sending you a letter today! I miss you all. Tell the girls I love them and I hope Brennen heals quickly.

Aunt Amber: I got your letter that you sent back in April haha. It sent to the Peru address, and let me tell you.. I needed it at the exact moment that I got it. You have no idea how much I needed that letter. I love you and I´ll be writing you today as well.

Dad and Jennie: HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!!! sorry I forgot until just now, but I love you both and hope they were the best days ever. 

I haven´t gotten any other letters since I´ve been here cuz they take a few weeks. I´m sorry to anyone I haven´t written back. I lose track of who I´ve responded to. I LOVE YOU ALL

I´m super bummed the pictures aren´t working... I got some good ones. 

Love, Hermana Allred

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