Monday, July 8, 2013


This week has tried me in ways I never imagined. My companion and I have been having a rough time the whole time we´ve been here with teaching and being open, and we had a really really rough week, but we FINALLY talked about all our issues and we´re a million times better. 

The moral of this week is Patience. Living with a stranger is HARD. Learning a new language is way hard. trying to preach the gospel to people who don´t want to hear it is even harder. especially with the other two factors included haha. It´s hard to feel 100% alone, yet feel like you are NEVER alone. I think only missionaries understand that concept haha. It´s hard to feel like there´s no one to talk to in English. guess what. God speaks english. Him and I have gotten pretty close this week. 

Our new mission president is GREAT! I got the chance to talk to his wife for a while last week during a break and she told me the following story about her daughter.

"My daughter served her mission in the Chezk Republic. The day she left the MTC, she called from the airport to tell us she wasn´t feeling well. She flew to New York, where she again called to tell us she felt awful. She thought it would go away, but on the flight to her mission, she passed out. when she woke up, she couldn´t walk off the plane. They quickly escorted her to the hospital. Her apendix had burst. she couldn´t speak with the doctors, and her companion met her there and she couldn´t communicate with her either. She was completely alone in a foreign country and she was in the most pain of her life. It was in that moment that she learned to turn vertical. God speaks her language and can take all of her pain away. She carried that habit of prayer with her throughout the rest of her mission, and life."

Wise words, eh? it couldn´t have been more perfect timing. Prayer is the ONLY thing that makes this mission possible. It´s how I got here, It´s how I stay here, and it´s the way I´ll come home and know what the heck I am going to do after. The atonement isn´t juts for sin. It heals broken hearts. It comforts us when we´re alone. It takes away EVERY pain of this life. We just have to ask. 

I was flipping through my prompting journal from the MTC for some inspiraton, and I came across this "The second you start feeling like your old self again, get on your knees and pray. there is no time to waste here. Love everyone. Be humble. Be reverent. Be patient. PRAY HARD. Repent often. Love openly. Be respectful. Be still and know he is God" 
I put myself in my place haha. I don´t have time to havce contention with my companion. I don´t have time to think "woe to me. business is bad" FORGET myself and get to work.

1-- these kids follow me around everywhere. Xiomara, Melissa, Sheylark, and Christian. They love me and touch my hair and face all the time. One day while I was talking to them, their mom said "oh so you´re the beautiful gringita they keep talking about. They want to come to your church" um... OKAY! done deal. We started teaching her and she´s very prepared. she asked us to baptize her kids, but they´re not 8 yet. she was very relieved that we didn´t believe kids need baptism. 

2-- the old lady on the stairs that doesn´t speak quechua. We love her so much. She thanks us for 5 minutes every time we bring her food. 

3-- The mom in this family is inactive and we´re working on getting their family sealed in the temple. LOVE this family. (Cerillos)

Nessa Lou: I saw your twin! None of the peruvians here look like you except her. so cool. MISS YOU.

Rick: I sent you a letter! hope you get it soon. I need your email!!! hopefully you see this on the blog. 

John 15:18 "If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you" haha. perfect for missionary work.

I love you all SO much and know that I´m working super hard, trying my hardest to be 100% obedient, and not coming home until October 21 of next year. 


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