Sunday, July 21, 2013


Holy flip. This week blew my mind. It´s like overnight, I stopped worrying about the language, investigators popped up out of NOWHERE, and my companion and I are getting along great. Holy. MILAGROS!!!

Hermana Inga and I decided to fast every saturday cuz we need all the help we can get. This sunday, we had NINE investigators at church. That is UNHEARD of. They were from 7 different families. They all came by themselves too! We didn´t have to pick any of them up. MILAGRO. 

When I got set apart, the stake president said "the children of peru are beautiful, and their parents will open their homes to you". Let me tell you how true that is. I like all the little ninos here, and we have 6 kids that are all friends that follow us around. They ALL came to church this sunday without their parents, and they loved every minute. they told their parents about it and they FINALLY are letting us teach them. The heart of the parents are their children. It is incredible how loving these kids are despite their difficult family circumstances. They are my heart and I LOVE every single one of them.

Miriam Barrientos is a recent convert (april). She is helping us convert all her friends from school haha. She has given us probably 8 references this month, and they´re all progressing. MILAGRO. I love her so much. She comes with us to activities, lessons, and church. She´s a miracle. We´re working with all her brothers to get them converted too haha. She was literally sent from God. 

Jony... holy. I was playing soccer or something with one of our investigators and their kids, and he walked past us as we were walking away and stopped US to ask if we could teach him about Jesus. um... YES. Absolutely. He is a chef at a chinese restaurant, and it´s so easy to teach him cuz he soaks in everything we say. MIRACLE. He came to the elders´ baptism this saturday, LOVED it, and was helping us TEACH another investigator haha. He knows so much about the bible and wow... he is a blessing. He studies lots of religions, so I hope he gets an answer that this is the ONLY true church on the face of the earth. 

Man. I loved this week. We had a recital with the missionaries in the zone and so many people showed up. We have sports every wednesday and friday, and SO MANY investigators showed up. Man... the blessings that are coming our way are incredible, and I am so thankful to be a part of this work. IT IS AMAZING! Like I´ve said before, anyone who wants to serve a mission, DO IT! no joke. It is the best thing you will ever do. 

oh and if you email me pictures, I can print them off here. sooo if you have pictures of us together, SEND THEM TO ME! I love getting pictures.

2-- new planner! 6 weeks down

Picture 3-- My favorite cookies! they´re like mint oreos. I eat so many of them cuz they´re so cheap. like 10 cents a package.

Picture 4-- Miriam Barrientos. My favorite person in Sicuani.

1-- investigator Ayde and her son.

Picture 1-- Our best friend Chavo. The neighborhood dog (one of 1,000). He likes to jump on me and get his fur all over my clothes. It´s a good time.

Picture 2-- This llama was being carried from a truck to be KILLED AND SKINNED! Saddest thing I´ve ever seen. He had no idea. 

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