Monday, January 6, 2014

Cuscotopia. Complete with a waterslide.

Well, I will not lie and say this week has been easy. It has hands down been the hardest of my entire mission. But, in turn, I have learned a lot, prayed a lot, and tried to change. I thought I would be leaving Sicuani Wednesday morning, but the president didn{t want us traveling on new year{s cuz everyone was drunk. Soooo we left the afternoon before. This week… man. Let{s break it down… shall we?
Wednesday---- shuttled trainers, their trainees, and all their suitcases from the terminal to the house, to the house, to the terminal. All. Day.

Thursday--- just a couple drop offs at the terminal, then an 8 hour meeting at the mission home with Zone Leaders and the other 4 Sister Training Leaders. Funny story, I stood up to walk to the bathroom cuz I felt dizzy, and FAINTED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MEETING! We don{t have a pensionista, and I was stressed, so I couldn{t really eat anything, so I just passed flat out on the floor in the kitchen. Luckily my companion was with me and caught me. Next thing  iknow, Sister Harbertson (president{s wife) is over me and her pensionista is holding my legs up. Super embarrassing, but that{s my life so whatever haha. They were the only ones that saw it.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday---- Lots of walking, and rejection, and getting told we worship the devil and other things that people say about us. Very… very… trying week. We had a grand total of ZERO lessons with less actives or investigators. We met a lot of members which is cool. They{re nice. But very very very different from Sicuani.

My job as a Sister Training leader (since Dad asked) is to shuttle people around with they have transfers, help the hermanas with companionship problems, go on transfers in some of the zones in the mission, and I{m sure other things that I{m not aware of yet. We{re like zone leaders of only Hermanas. I will be traveling 4 out of 6 weeks every transfer, which means we only have 2 weeks in total to be in our sector to work. IT{s a weird transition, but I{m getting the hang of it.

Also, OUR HOUSE IS AMAZING! We have a kitchen, fridge, MICROWAVE, oven, and 3 showers that have hot water as long as no one else is showering. The view is beautiful and it{s across from the chapel. I LOVE IT. A major upgrade from sicuani. BBUT we don{t have a pensionista yet. So I have to cook again. I forgot all my recipes, and have 0 desire to cook after working all day. I{m getting the hang of it. Who would have thought I went to flipping Culinary School? I stopped telling people so they wouldn{t ask me to cook for them. Yeah sorry… I don{t know how to cook. Haha. Do you want pb&j? I{ll hook you up, don{t even worry. Also, French toast. But not much else. Aint nobody got time for that. 

I still love my mission and I{m not coming home until October. Just a hard transition. 

 love you all. be good. Please write me little emails if you have time. maybe pictures too. 

Love, Hermana Allred

1-- saying goodbye to Yony (the member we thought was an investigator. 

2-- The members of the Corrales family that could come over before I had to leave. 

3-- Cruz family. Adreana (my Goddaughter) gave me a little barbie. cuz I{m a barbie haha.

1-- Esther after I told her the news that we both had to leave in an HOUR to Cusco. She was a little sad...

2-- Violeta making biscochuelos

3-- Fiorella (Violeta{s daughter) 

1-- Elsa, Juan, Sheylark, Christian, Yosep, and Aldahir. This goodbye was HARD. They were progressing so much and now there{s no established missionary there... it{s okay though. God knows what he{s doing.

2-- Elida and Rosa. They just came back to church :) after 6 months of working with them. 

3-- Lilliana. Sad... 

1-- the kitchen. it{s beautiful.

2-- study room

3-- My new companion and I (Hermana Enriquez from Guayaquil, Ecuador)

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