Monday, April 21, 2014

Pascua y semana Santa

well, this week was full of work. I loved every minute of it. I go home in exactly 6 months, and I was thinking... I need to make the most of it. I have 6 months left, and the rest of my life to think about what I did with it. Soooo I`m kicking myself into gear to have absolutely no regrets when I go home.
We had a record number of lessons this week, and we have 5 new investigators, who are ALL from part member families. We are working really well together, and we`re starting to get more involved with the members, not just less actives. We made a goal to know where every member lives, and so far, we`ve seen a lot of miracles come from it. references who are ready to be baptized already--- that never happens. Members are the key to success, so all you members, HELP THE MISSIONARIES. invite them to your house for a Family Night and invite a less active, or non member friend. Just get involved. we can`t do anything without the members. 

We didn`t have to leave our sector even once this week. MIRACLE. I did go on splits with my granddaughter (hermana nelson is training her... sooo she`s my granddaughter of the mission). She is so sweet, and has so much excitement for this work. It`s so fun to see the new missionaries work. They are so excited! I hope that doesn`t wear off. 

I am working harder than I have in a long time, which helps me stay distracted, and not get homesick. 

funny story:
we were thinking about moving to live with a member family, so we asked our landlord how long the contract is for, and he said 1 year, and seemed kinda startled. we decided we like having 3 hot showers and a big kitchen, so we`re not moving. but The next day, he ordered us 2 pizzas, and bought plants for the patio. Then asked us if everything was okay. He does not want us to leave haha. I mean, we are the best renters he`s ever going to have, haha. But seriously, he loves us. in a not weird way. 

Then someone tried to break into the apartment, so he had someone come change all the locks and reinforce them. I`m not scared because I don`t really have anything that he could steal that I care about that much. Just my scriptures and my pictures from the mission. I thought I`d use it as a teaching opportunity, so I put a sticky note on the landlord`s door that says "1 thesalonians 5:2.... GET READY!" (that`s the scripture that says The lord will come as a thief in the night.) haha. We just gave him a bible the other day, so I`m sure he`ll get a good laugh. 

ONE YEAR in the mission. can you believe that? I was in portland for 9 months, but that felt like an eternity. It`s going by so fast. 6 months left. can`t belive it. 

1-- we tracted in matching llama sweaters. 
2-- wall of pictures. I need more. 
3-- I forgot to take my 9 month picture, so here it is. 1 year... I`m WAY overdue haha. That is a frozen peruvian ding dong in my hand. 
4-- Easter morning, I accidentally knocked down a ceramic thing of Jesus and a sheep. all the hermanas in the house made dumb jokes about how he`ll be resurrected... nope. it`s a statue. It`s pretty broken. 

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