Monday, April 14, 2014

That one time I will NEVER eat cheese dip again

Last pday, I bought a jar of El Paso cheese dip, all the way from the UNITED states. it was expensive, but I wanted it, so I bought it. (i´m working on that character flaw).

I ate half of it, then put it in my food drawer, and left on a trip for 2 days. We worked in our sector for a day, ate in a few investigators houses. I wasn´t hungry, but when we got home, I remembered I still had cheese dip waiting in my lil drawer next to my endless supply of popcorn kernels. Opened that sucker up, and ate a few chips before going to bed. 

Happy as a clam, went to bed. 

Then, oh my word, my body woke me up 4 hours later, and spit that cheese dip right back out the way it came. I had no idea why. I was thinking "oh maybe it was that weird drink that guy gave us without a name, or the chicken-type thing from that lady..." I spent the next day throwing up my entire stomach, and feeling like dying. 

When I finally felt good enough to eat chips and cheese dip, you know what I did? I went to eat cheese dip. Opened that sucker up, and what did I see? MOLD! that´s what I saw. Do you know what is in cheese? milk. Do you know what goes bad really fast if you don´t put it in the fridge? MILK! I straight up ate moldy cheese on a chip. And I almost did it a second time. 

Of all the things that could make me sick in PERU, I got sick from expensive american cheese dip. I´m adding that to the list of things I can´t eat because I got sick once. Bananas, cheese dip. please... please don´t ever make me sick from steak, bacon, or nutella. It´s all I have left!

anyways, I´m pretty sure I could have talked about more missionary things in this letter, but my stomach still hates me and it´s all I can think about. 

I get to be in a trio with hna. Nelson today because her companion is going to lima for her papers. WHOOOOT! I love having her in my zone. 

Dad, I heard dust in the wind in a taxi and thought of you. It wasn´t the Kansas version, but I still smiled and remembered how much mom hated that song. WE ARE NOT DUST! haha. 

I love you all and am happy that there´s a YOU (every one of you)

Love love love, HErmana Allred

1-- Fountain on Av. del Sol
2-- same fountain
3-- Dad... this is how much pistascios cost here. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY THAT IS??? I´ll eat them when I get home. 
4-- another night in the hospital. still beautiful.

1-- The pension´s house/hostal in Ollantaytambo, and some random lil cat that probably has fleas. 
2-- the view of the ruins from the patio
3-- spiderweb close up

1-- Awkward family photo on the coolest couches in peru. 
2-- another awkward selfie. I just liked the light, and my comp was busy in the background taking pictures of leaves and cats. 
3-- my hilarious mexican friend who also lived in Arizona and went to MOUNTAIN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL! the arizona one. 

1-- this one is for Isaac Pratte
2-- PERU. go ahead. frame it. 
3-- my poor comp stresed out hugging her stress book. She had to stay inside while I threw up cheese dip.

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