Monday, October 6, 2014

It´s been a good life

The quote I am living by from now on is "what if Jesus had slacked the last two weeks of his life?" I have been trying my absolute hardest to give everything I have to my mission. I was thinking back on all the experiences I´ve had, and my mission has been absolutely incredible. No one else has served MY mission. And I will never serve it again, so I have to give it everything.

I am so happy here. It´s hard to think that anything after this will compare. 

sorry there´s not many pictures. I didn´t really think about it haha.

love, Hermana Allred

oh yeah. I didn´t get to watch conference this week cuz it´s elections here in Peru. We have to wait until Saturday and Sunday. 

1-- last time getting money out for the month haha. It only looks like a lot cuz it´s 20s and 10s... it´s mostly rent and food money. 
2-- this lil dragonfly looked dead. it would not move. so I took a picture
3-- 3 bugs all in a row. 

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