Monday, February 10, 2014

Antojos y caracoles

Well, This week was full of lots of learning once more. Went on splits with Hna. Thompson in her sector Tullumayo (still cusco) and LOVED every minute of it. I missed her and how level headed she is. She just gets it. I didn{t take a single picture, which is dumb. I will one day. 
Transfers are tomorrow, and only a couple people from our zone are leaving. SHEETS IS STAYING!!!! I am so happy about that. I will still get to send her love notes on a caterpillar. This means for the next 3 days, we will be shuttling people around again. YAYYY. good thiing there{s LOTS of chocolate ni this town. and ice cream on every corner. 

We had our Leadership meetnig with the president in his house this tuesday. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. also, i love his wife. They are so incredible. We were there with all the Zone leaders and other sister training leaders (4 in cusco, 2 in puno). I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! did I say that enough? nope. I love him. He is so inspired. After the meeting, I got to talk to him for a little bit and just get wisdom dropped all over the place. Then while hermana Enriquez was talking to him, I got to talk to Hna. Harbertson. She gave me life advice and just listened. I needed that. She is a great listener. 

I decided to start being more focused on helping the hermanas I{m in charge of instead of whining about my insignificant problems. About time, right? only 6 weeks later. 

Well, pray I won{t die this week. Our house is gong to have about 15 hermanas in it tomorrow and wednesday. i have to hide all my food and shampoo haha. It{s like college all over again. 


1-- All the Sister Training Leaders at the president{s house. Hna. Black (she{s in Puno), My companion, Hna. Huaman (also Puno), The mission president{s pensionista Vicky, Hna. Harbertson, me, Hna. Del Rio, Hna. Sheets
2-- There ya go, Dad. Finally a picture with my mission president. Does he not look like Steve Martin??

3-- Elder Hidalgo{s last district meeting. we ate cake. 

4-- Eating lunch at our pension. (it{s a member{s restaurant)

1-- I went on splits with Hna. Thompson, and the lights went out in the middle of their ward coorelation meeting. 

2-- I have been switching up the words from the Merry Christmas letters since New Years. It does wonders for my creativity. 

3-- 6 of my 8 planners. (MTC was boring and I didn{t make the first one). Grandpa was on the last one, and Val and Nessa are the stars of this transfer. Send me more pictures if you want to make the cover haha. 

4-- Acción poetica Cusco. They put poems on walls all over the city. I saw this one on my first day in this sector and felt so much better. it says "Breathe and keep going. It{s a bad day, not a bad life" and on the right it says "Only a Hero smiles when the heart cries."

1-- "Cusco. Bellybutton of the world" hahahhahahahahaha. I love this thing. 

2-- Dad, this is our ward council this week. just soak it in. Laugh. We have it after our sunday meetings, and everyone is dying of hunger, so our bishop gives us treats. this week, cake. It was noones birthday.... But I loved it. LOOK AT HIS FACE HAHAHAH! 

3-- dang teenagers..

4-- Speaking to a parrot. 

1-- This city. is my city. and I LOVE IT.

2-- "a poem is born in your eyes." I don{t really get it. but, that{s okay. it looks cool.

3-- This is our landlord Cesar and his son. They live upstairs. I like them. He just finished ETHER! We gave him a book of mormon less than a month ago. Get real. 

4-- I burned my choclo. but it was still good. 

5-- You are mine. Happy V-day

1-- Hna. Sheets creepin on my as I ironed my skirt... while wearing it. I didn{t want to take it off. 

2-- Happy V-day! 

3-- Sheets{ grandma sent a little caterpillar that skoots like a real caterpillar, and I send secret notes to her on post it notes. haha. so clever. 


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