Monday, February 24, 2014

Eeres mas valiente que pienses

This week there was a funeral for a man in our ward who passed away from cancer. The bishop asked me to play the piano with an hour notice. Pretty sure I just made everyone more sad. I dont{ know why he keeps asking me to play. I just confuse everyone haha.
Buttttt, back to the funeral. What struck me the most is that all the non members were wearing black, and his wife was wearing all white, and the members wore colors. I like that. I love how sure we are of what happens after this life. It{s so great. Hermana Llacsa gave a talk on the resurrection and I told her to use my favorite lesson 2 scripture. Enos 1:27. I LOVE ENOS. It{s my favorite book. and not just because it{s 1 chapter. 

We were supposed to travel this week, but they sent us 7 hermanas to take care of. Doctor visits, trip to lima to get visas taken care of, and some other problems we had to fix. SOOO we were in Cusco all week running people around and going on splits. I spent more time in the Doctor/Stake President´s office. Always love those visits. 

Our district got switched up, so now Sheets and Del Rio are in our district. There are 6 hermanas and 2 elders... poor guys. haha. They all really like soccer, and I{m just... ya know... the worst athlete ever (anyone who has seen my wisdom tooth video knows what happened in 9th grade track). So we´ll see what happens on pdays now. I don{t play soccer... 

We didn{t get to teach a lot this week, but we taught a family we reactivated and we´re working on getting them to the temple in Cochabamba to be sealed. We taught them the plan of Salvation, and it just CLICKED. They understood the importance of getting sealed, and by the end of the lesson, they said "We want to get sealed as soon as possible." I said "well, we´ll talk to the bishop and try to make that happen" They have been struggling financially, but the bishop is helping them get there. The goal is March. They are so excited :) Man we need a temple in Cusco. 

It{s been a week full of learning and humbling and changing. Those are the hardest, but most rewarding. I love my mission. 

Love, HErmana Allred

1-- a lil turtle bread from a new bakery I found.
2-- I had a bum knee all week, so I stayed in for a couple hours one day cuz it was KILLING me. I got super bored. I just wanted to work. I stayed with Hna. Llacsa while my companion went with a member in the ward. 
3-- We have matching sweaters and didn{t even know until I moved to Cusco. 
4-- We{re the two best friends that anyone could have.
5-- I forgot to take pictures until last night, soooo you{re going to have to settle for this haha. 

1-- She{s special. 
2-- Del Rio Allred
3-- She just... ya know. Likes kissing peoples faces, and it{s weird to me. 
4-- testing out my holga cam effect 
5-- I went a lil overboard on the plaid

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