Monday, February 17, 2014

ohhh i´m happy transfers are over.

The title says it all. Estoy hecho polvo. We ran around like a chicken with its legs cut off for 4 days. (haha. sons of provo) All the hermanas that were supposed to go to Puerto Maldonado (the jungle by Brazil) got stuck here for 6 days because there are a bunch of landslides from all the rain. soooo we were on splits with 4 different hermanas all week. It´s fine, one day I´ll actually work with my assigned companion haha.
This week we´re going back to Urubamba and Ollantaytambo (the closest to Machu Picchu). 2 of the hermanas including Hna. Hansen got transferred. I´m excited to get to know the new ones better. 

apparently there are 15 new hermanas coming to the mission in May. That´ll be interesting to see where they will go, cuz as of right now, we are filled to the rafters with Hermanas in new sectors. Maybe we´lll open a new ZONE. 

Sorry I have no idea what to say in emails anymore. I´ll try to plan it out better with less boring details. 

I had my interview with President Harbertson this week, and as usual, it was great. he is my favorite person in the world right now, and I look up to him so much. Even when the things he says are hard to hear sometimes, I know they´re only for my benefit. I love him. 

I got the packages, mom! Thank you thank you. my wardrobe just doubled... from 4 skirts to 8. SO HAPPY! I really don´t think you understand how happy new skirts make sister missionaries. I´m very very happy. Also, since it´s transfer week, the chocolate was gone in a day. yeah. i have no self control when it comes to chocolate and stress. ha. 

Well, I love you all. Sorry I am boring and never say funny things. Maybe when I get home I´ll be funny again. ha. 


Love, Hermana Allred

1-- A member´s cevicheria he let us cook in last pday.
2-- patacones. I hated bananas before, but I really like them when they´re cooked right.
3-- cute lil baby I couldn´t hold. dang it.
4-- A lil girl who has the SAME nickname as me (Boo Boo) was taking pictures on my camera. This is me talking about all the transfers. 

1-- Elder Hidalgo finished his mission last week. 
2-- I don´t know why I trusted someone to cut my hair.... first time in the mission, and she did a terrible job. The things we do to gain investigators trust. *sigh* I miss Patrick from Shep´s Salon. 
3-- after (You can´t really see how bad the layers are... it´s bad. 
4-- before

1-- Boo boo and Hna. Enriquez
2-- Mi hija y yo. She CHOPPED HER HAIR and looks like Julie Andrews when she was young. 

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