Monday, March 24, 2014

Flor finally got baptized. what WOOO

so I have been FREAKING out the entire time we´ve been in internet, so I don´t have a lot of time. It´s transfer week, and Sheets, Del Rio, and my companion all got transferred. Sheets will be training in Juliaca (opening a sector), Del Rio is going to be a sister leader with HERMANA THOMPSON!!! (so happy for her) but they´re going to Abancay. I´m staying in Cusco, and my companion will be Hna. Tamariz. I don´t know her at all, but everyone says she works really hard. I AM SO EXCITED!
This has been a great week. Wanna know why?

1// Lilliana and John got married and baptized this weekend in Sicuani. I don´t know if any of you remember them, but they almost got baptized like 5 times, but it FINALLY happened. Do you understand how happy that makes me? I didn´t get to be there, but Sheets and Del Rio were there on a work visit, and took pictures for me. I AM SO FULL OF HAPPY FOR THEM!

Del Rio called me while they were at the reception, and half the ward talked to me. It was one of the most incredible moments of my life. My sweet convert Violeta told me she wants to get married in the temple with a worthy member, and her sister who was inactive, is now active because Violeta got baptized. She said "I am never leaving this church ever again." I bawled my eyes out. I am so full of happy right now 

2// Flor, who we have been working with forever got baptized by her uncle (the 2nd counselor in the bishopric) on Saturday

3// I am getting a new companion who loves to WORK. This will be so good. I am SO EXCITED I can hardly stand it. I am staying in my sector, and I do not have to pack any of my stuff to move haha. Also, I will hopefully not have to hear any more spanish disney music at 7 AM. I love disney, but really.... I cannot handle any more disney music. 

4// Vannessa Clavijo, my best peruvian friend in the world, her husband was baptized this weekend. I cannot even begin to describe how happy I am. I am SO HAPPY! 

I want everyone to feel this way. Man. I love life. 

Where we went fishing was a random restaurant with ponds full of trout. They pulled them out with nets, then fried them right there. SO FUN! We got a lil sick, but we´re fine now.

I am so excited about life. 


I´ve been studying the bible like crazy, and I decided Acts is my new favorite book. I love Paul. I feel like Him and Alma the younger are some people I can really relate to (aside from, you know, the trying to throw people in jail for beliving in Christ thing). Just their conversion (minus the angel). I´m carrying this testimony with me until I die. Never will anyone be able to change this. 

I´m here to stay.

I LOVE YOU ALL sorry this email is all over the place. My brain is working a million miles a minute. LOVE YOU ALL

1-- Hna. Hansen and Woodbury were stuck in our apartment for a couple weeks because they haven´t found an apartment, but they found one finally. They made me brownies, I made them popcorn.

2-- my seat every sunday

3-- Flor´s entire family (4 of them aren´t members, but came to support her)

4-- Flor, her uncle, and us.

1// Rio and I
2// THIS IS PAPA JOHNS!!! I was so happy... converted from sols, $3. THAT IS SO CHEAP!
3// Sister Leader Jerseys. In honor of the World Cup (which happens to be on my birthday.
4// I thought I lost my plaque in the street, but I found it stuck to my bed. So I wrote this on it in case I actually do lose it again .And ordered 4 new ones haha. I don´t know why I´ve waited this long to order new ones. 

1// our district "fishing"
2// they fished for us... I didn´t get to actually catch anything 
3// But I got to hold the dead fish. 

1// the most beautiful lil pueblo I´ve ever seen in my life. I miss Sicuani
2// the door to the fish place
3// this one is for dad. Got you a fish picture :) haha. 

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