Monday, March 10, 2014


well, It was a travel week. To the land of fleas. Andahuaylas.

I got bit. 

I am tired.

I still love being a missionary. 

But, I really don´t have a lot to say this week. We´re going to Quillabamba tomorrow (super hot). I´m looking forward to sweating my face off. 

Love, Hermana Allred

1-- Panai pants and llama sweaters
2-- Mexican moustache
3-- Walking down the hill from president{s house to catch a taxi

1-- all the sister training leaders minus hna. huaman (she was taking the picture)
2-- This random lady we contacted showed us her Guinea Pig cage. IT IS A HOUSE FULL OF GUINEA PIGS!!! there are at least 100. she doesn{t even sell them, she just eats them. They are separated my gender, babies, and whether or not they{re preggers. 
3-- there is NO hot water in Andahuaylas, so we got creative. we used the water boiling thing that is normally used for tea haha. 
4-- Did I ever mention that there are lots of fleas in Andahuaylas? Last time I only got bit once. this time, 23. It{s fine... they{ll go away 

1-- one of my favorite foods. I forgot the name.
2-- The creepy cemetery in Talavera
3-- We 4 decided to do our personal progress. I never finished mine due to my extreme inactivation hhaaha. SOOO my kind Bishop and Young Women´s president in my ward are letting me finish it. The good thing about doing it late is that now I don´t have to do so many projects. Only 3! score. We´re helping the inactive youth do theirs too. 
4-- The ugliest dog you ever did see. These dogs are called PERUVIAN DOGS. they are awful. They are all over the place. 

1-- Saw Maribel again in the terminal while waiting for an hermana from Puno
2-- The terminal, where we spend most of our days chillin out maxin all relaxin all cool. We played "I spy with my little eye". In English. Hna. Enriquez is getting a lot better every day.
3-- the other side. 

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