Monday, March 17, 2014

I go a fishing

a year ago yesterday, I went through the temple. That was one of my favorite days of my life. I have been having reoccuring dreams that I get to the temple, they give me my clothes, but they don´t let me go inside. It is so frustrating. I get so emotional when I think about going, and I won´t get to for another 7 months. That´s hard, but I guess dreams of just being in the lobby will have to do for now.
I really miss the temple. WE ARE SO LUCKY to have a million so close. Take advantage of it. When will the new provo one be done? I want to go there.

I got bit by a spider in Quillabamba this week. I thought it was a mosquito until my leg swelled up and hurt like heck. I put some cortizone cream on it, and now it´s gone down. I should really remember to put bug spray on. Luckily we´re going to be in Cusco this week, so I will have a break from getting eaten alive. 

Transfers are next monday. I´m really trying to be excited. I need to stock up on ice cream.

I´m a week away from hitting 11 months. GET REAL. I just got here. I´m constantly surprised by how fast it all goes by. 

I keep getting emails from the missionaries in the states saying things like "we have iPads, iPhones, air conditioned cars, facebook, and blah blah TECHNOLOGY" and I´m just sitting here in my boots covered in mud thinking "there´s a zone leader who got a new brick phone and it has a CAMERA. 2 megapixels baby." yeah... we still live in the stone age here.wbut personally, I really like it. I don´t have to worry about losing anything or having the temptation of playing solitaire all day on my iPad. I just have, you know. my planner and scriptures. It´s really nice to be technology free. usually.

John 21:3 "¨(our district leader) saith unto them, I go a fishing (and all the district) said unto him, we also go with thee..." 

We´re going fishing today for Pday. I´m a lil excited, to say the least. Even though I´ve been fishing probably 25 times, and have NEVER caught anything. Except that one time uncle Hal baited the hook, cast the line, and let me reel it in. And, you know, church carnivals in the cultural hal. Just watch. Mission blessings will come, and I WILL catch a fish. 

This week we were in Quillabamba, if I didn´t already clarify that, and now there are 3 companionships there, so we stayed a day longer. I hate the heat. I decided that officially this week. I HATE IT. I would ratherbe incoats and have nothing showing but my lil eyeballs than be in hot weather tracting. If I were in Hawaii on the beach, that´s different. But I was in a skirt, shirt, with a heavy backpack and not flip flops, walking all day trying to find someone who would let us in so they can go to heaven. It´s very different than chillin on the beach. I love the cold. 

Well, I am learning quite a bit about myself and studying more effectively than ever before. I don´t know why it took me so long to realize this church is true and it does nothing but bless the heck out of us. I just, I´m full of happy and the spirit and love. Thank you all for every single word you send my way. Every package full of little american things, and real letters in envelopes with stamps. I cherish every single one of them. 

And now, I go a fishing :) hahaha. I love applicable bible quotes. 

1-- A weird plant thing I found on a tree in Quillabamba. looks like the rumor weed on larry boy. haha. veggie tales.... those still are the images I have in my head when I read bible stories. 
2-- crossing the bridge

1-- looking down on the sketchy bridge
2-- my pervian coin collection. Our pensionista´s son sold me 6 yesterday. he had doubles of everything

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