Monday, March 31, 2014

Hey llama you´re so fat.

I have a serious lack of pictures this week. But I bought a new SD card, so I should be good for the rest of my mission. I got a lil tired of having to erase old pictures to take new ones. 

We are now the only sister leaders in Cusco because Del Rio went to Abancay with Thompson to be closer to the other sisters. I now don´t get to travel to Andahuaylas unfortunately (the only good thing is that I won´t get eaten by fleas). EVERYONE calls US now. We are the picker uppers and the dropper offers and the ticket buyers and the babysitters and the allowance givers. I don´t necesarily like it all the time, but I´m learning a lot. Like budgeting... man... I knew it would come someday. I HATE MONEY. especially when it´s not mine and i have to keep track of it. At least now I´ll be somewhat prepared for my future. I hate money. I HATE MONEY.

My new companion is definitely one of my favorites. I have lucked out with most of my companions, but she really is so great. For the first time in months, I have felt the spirit strongly in a lesson. We had a lesson with a member family, who happens to be where we will be to call home on mother´s day, and wow... We talked about the name of the church (D&C 115 3-5) and how we need to be a light for the world and really REPRESENT the church, not just show up on sunday. They all shared experiences where they needed to stand up for themselves and the church, and it was probably one of the best lessons I´ve ever had. While the wife was getting us dessert in the kitchen, we talked with the dad and kids. He told us a story about joseph smith and started tearing up, looked me in the eyes and said "He is a prophet of God and he restored the church here in the earth. I know it." I just looked right back at him and cried, because I know it. I know he was a prophet of God. He is an incredible man, and through him, we have all these blessings NOW. We can be forever families now. I know it.

Another lesson we had was with a reactivated familiy. We were planning on talking about Chastity, which kinda makes me nervous sometimes haha. I never know how they´re going to react, but we ended up talking about the word of wisdom. The Dad told us he had been an alcoholic for 14 years, and that it ruined his life. He said he never wants to go back to that. 

They are officially getting sealed April 17th. I am so excited for them. I want to be there so badly, but I can´t. I have been so temple sick the last few weeks, and When we watched the women´s conference, I just cried and cried. I want so badly to be in the temple just for an hour. But I know I will get to go back in less than 7 months, and I can´t wait for that day. 

I have had a great week, and am cutting my hair today. Hopefully it´s not as terrible as the last time... what can you expect for 2 dollars? 


Love, Hermana Allred

1-- Llama Ring. I love peru and tax returns.
2-- Panai and Waike ring. (peruvian lady and guy)
3-- Our new pensionista (who lives downstairs) and her son. He likes bananas, and his mom bought him an entire tree. haha. They just ripened this week. We´ve eaten a lot of bananas. 
4-- Since it was transfers week, a picture of my new companion and I in the bus terminal with the district leader and his companion. We spent most of the week here. waiting. I´ve gotten really really good at waiting. I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE all day.

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